An introduction


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Hey everyone.

I have been playing Diablo 2 since it first came out, and i've been following this forum for years. I'm not very talkative person online, but apparently had created an account so might as well put it to use.

I somewhat dislike multiplayer games or atleast prefer single player games, especially role playing games. Other interests include science, particularly physics and to some extent mathematics. I'm from northern Europe.

Current iteration of my Diablo 2 career includes few Patriarchs/Matriarchs.

While reading through this post, i realized it looks more like a job application than an introduction thread.


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Cool! I am also into physics and math! What is your favourite char/build? Cheers and welcome!


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I've always enjoyed Necromancers, i remember playing Blood Golem/Iron Maiden build when cow runs were popular. Back then Necromancers and Druids were considered (and for a good reason) very underpowered. So i kind of have always enjoyed underpowered characters, even though Necromancers aren't underpowered these days. Druids may very well be; though i have a Patriarch wind druid (and Poison necro). Neither character isn't necessarily underpowered, but it's not really a breeze through the game with them either.


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*steals pants*
I've been pantless for years now, and finally I get a chance to steal a pair.

*puts pants on*
Welcome Apila~
Long time lurker here myself; and only recently returned.

What are your current D2 goals? i.e. the grail, unique builds, sept, etc.
I'm personally trying for the holy grail, the 99er-sept and the title-grail atm.

Whatever your goals are, best of luck to you and may you fill your two fingers with SOJs.
do try and post your progress every now and then;
it's always exciting to see a new thread pop up for a lurker like myself. =D

I will leave the traditional shin kicking and wallet stealing to the ppl below,
and head back into the caves where i came from.



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Goals? Well for 99, that's probably a bit too much for me. I do have a blizzard Sorceress running the mysterious Ancient Tunnels, and shes sitting at 95 currently with Ancients still guarding the Arreat Summit. Grail is still missing 45 uniques and 5 sets.
I do have a 'weird' habit of trying 'hybrid' builds. The aforementioned wind Druid has found a friend in Fire/Wind hybrid, though he is quite annoying to play and is currently residing in NM Act 5. I have the runes for Enigma to speed up the gameplay, but pushing through the game just for the sake of it seems like a chore. Other similar builds include poison/bone Necromancer, kick/trap Assasin and i have been dreaming of poison/lightning Javazon.


A Plague Jav / Lightning Fury amazon is extremely effective, I've found. She slows down a bit with poison and lightning immune Burning Souls, but does really well with pretty much anything else. One of my favorite builds.


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Welcome to the SPF.

Make a Kick / Trap Assassin. Up a pair of Gore Riders and the rest is as easy to find as you want.


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I actually do have a k/t Assassin. She's currently sitting in Nightmare Lut Gholein patiently waiting.