An Introduction and a question


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An Introduction and a question

Hi everyone! I'm 18, live in San Francisco, CA. I've been playing D2 off and on since it went retail, but I've only recently (1.10 patch) been playing alot. I'm surprised to find myself playing SP exclusively now since I've been playing an MMORPG (Asheron's Call) for the past 3 years and am used to playing online. What caused me to start SP was the fact that Bnet just lags so bad and muling is tedious.

After finding this board and trolling a bit, I've come to love SP. I play SC but have always been interested in HC but I'm too much of a packrat to get very far. :lol:

Anyways, now for my question. Is it just me or is Duriel super hard? I've only played 3 characters up to or beyond Normal Duriel. I had no problem with him on my Skelemancer (on Players8) due to the fact that I just sat back and cast Amp while my minions took him down.

With my Sorc it was harder (on Players8), but I managed to kill him after a few deaths and TPs because Static Field could take down most of his life.

However with my new Strafezon, I'm having serious problems even on Players1. She's level 24. I've got 6 points in CritStrike, 8 in Magic Arrow, and 1 in most other skills. Is there a trick or strategy to taking him down? My merc dies in 2 hits and I don't have any good equipment on ATMA since my Sorc and Necro are both on the realms. Thanks in advance. :)


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hey there :wave: and welcome to the SPF, just throw your coat over the squid in the corner and join us for a :drink: in the EMB

and no, not worry, duriel is always a pain in the butt, that stupid aggpt hits harder then an upcoming train u dont espect... just try and get a desert (act2) merc and lvl him to your lvl, give him so good defense armor and maybe some life leech and let him tank for you..



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Welcome to the forums :)

Trollingh huh? With this being your 2nd post, I wouldn't call that trolling...lurking more like :lol:

Anyway...for your skellymancer it would've made things alot easier to cast decrepify instead of amplify damage. Duriel's a wimp after that.

For sorc, keeping your merc alive and staticing him does the trick while the merc tanks him.

For strafeazon, use sword/shield combo for this fight, head straight next to a wall and keep there, that way you'll have the best chance of winning. Even if you swing slow, your merc should help you kill him pretty fast. The reason for going next to a wall is to prevent him from charging you to death, and also the shield is for negating about half of his attacks (75% if you have good shield and enough dex)


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Hiya Mukami,

welcome to the forum! Enjoy your stay here and check at the FAQ for info and the EMB for free beer (on Durf's credit card).

As for your questions: Duriel is rather hard for non melee chars. What merc does your zon have? An act II merc should be able to tank Duriel longer than an Act I merc. Also, if /players 8 is too hard, don't be ashamed to lower the players setting a bit. ;)


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hi and welcome Mukami, great of you to join the party

i haven't killed 1.10 Duriel that many times solo, since my brother and i network a lot, but i have done it at least 4 or 5 times and he wasn't that tough,

anyway, i hope you make yourself feel right at home

:) matt

Huorn said:
Also, if /players 8 is too hard, don't be ashamed to lower the players setting a bit. ;)
in 1.10 i play as follows : normal/players 8, nightmare/players 4, hell/players 2 -> not to many problems so far, Duriel is a pain in the butt though cos of Holy Freeze

edit: added quote


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Well, it's only Norm Duriel so I don't have access to high block/def shield and such and my merc is an Act2 Offensive (Blessed Aim). I guess I just need to get him leveled a bit more and get him some better armor and start fighting Duriel with a shield.

Edit: @Borlag, Hehe yeah, I made one teeny little post about what an item was on a character guide since I couldn't find it anywhere :innocent:


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best blocking shield you can easily get is the tower shield, even better if you're lucky enough to find Sigon's shield :)


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Welcome to the SPF.

Borlag said:
if you're lucky enough to find Sigon's shield :)
Visit the Weekly Giveaway thread. Just ignore the fact you need to trace the orgins back to last weeks giveaway thread to find things, but I think theres a few left.



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Duriel is always tough for a ranged character because of his charging attack. He's pretty much a pussycat for most melee builds, though--just get in close and start whacking away!


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Hello and welcome to this our beloved Isle of Single players. Take a seat, have a look and go get yourself a drink or two at The EMB - it's on the house or on me.
As you have lurked quite a while you surely know a good number of us and our customs, but it never hurts to point towards the FAQ sticking above our heads.

Enjoy your stay here, as we all do. And never hesitate to ask a question.


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Greetings, Mukami, and welcome to our forums. Please remember to read the FAQs and behave in front of our elite uniques (indeed a special welcome to you if you are yourself an elite unique - it's not easy to tell from usernames).

In regards to your questions, Duriel can be quite tough on ranged characters, as he has a very powerful charge attack, and slows you down. I find that a few things that help for me include:

  • Have as many aides as possible (for an amazon, this includes a mercenary and a decoy (I like to be level 24 when I face Duriel, which is easily achieved with the /players X command)
  • You can try to keep your mercenary alive by feeding him potions
  • Keep as close to Duriel as possible so he can't charge you - the attacks will do a lot less damage that way
  • If he keeps knocking you back, you can get yourself up against a wall to stop him knocking you back and charging you
  • For normal, you can melee - one point in jab for an amazon, and a bit of leech & potions should see you through
  • Use those potions, and you can also town portal to heal & restock

That done with, feel free to drop by at the local forum bar, the EMB, for a quiet (age appropriate) drink or two - the first one's on me. :drink:

Enjoy your time here.