An Intro Thread for Burton

Burton Roberts

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Hi, everyone! Hope you're all having fun. @Vildecor invited me to start an intro thread so I could meet you all :)

I grew up watching my dad play this great game on, but never got very far when I played it myself in the past. My most recent attempt was about seven years ago, when I tried to run a HC assassin (how hard could it be right? :p ). I died in Lower Kurast on Normal, which at the time was the furthest I'd ever made it in Diablo 2.

Fast forward to last week, and I decided to have another go at the game while I have a break in my uni schedule. This time playing on SC as an Amazon. I've just killed Baal for the first time, and I'm starting up some Pindleskin runs before heading on to Nightmare.

Hope to have some good chats with you all at some point :)


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Welcome to the forums Burton, since i have my own pants and wallet i will leave yours for others to grab!

Enjoy your stay!


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Nice that you make an introduction post here. Again, welcome !! Good luck in the 99er journey, and have fun over here.


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Awesome to have some new members joining us, hope you enjoy your time! :)


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I stole your wallet for making me feel old(where you mentioned growing up watching your Dad play D2)!!!

I tried to get my stepson into D2, but he plays so many games just sticking to something that requires the time investment that D2 does didn’t work. Besides, after getting him started, I left him alone to explore the game on his own, with the one rule of not cheating in any way. When I came back about an hour later I knew something was up, and found out he had downloaded some kind of cheat that gives you all your skill/attribute points at once.

After getting bored with the game like I knew he would because of cheating, I took the game back and just gave him a steam card to get something he wanted from there. I have hoped he would want to give it another go sometime but I think his preferred genre is FPS games.

Anyways, I tend to get long winded sometimes, welcome to the best D2 forum around.