An Incomplished Freeze_Pal needed Help


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An Incomplished Freeze_Pal needed Help

Hi guys. When I first started playing LoD a few months ago, I made a Freese_Pal. He's kind of stuck at lvl74 (Act I Hell). Now I have collected some gears. Even far from rich, I believe I can reactivate this build to accomplish Hell (solo). I need some advice from players with experience in tis build.

Currently, his skill allocations are:-

  • Zeal (max)
  • Resist cold (max 4 synergy)
  • Holy Freeze (max)
  • Salvation (max 4 synergy)
  • Holy Shock ( a few points)

I have a Smiter with some decent gears which can be xfer to this build.

  • GFace (Um'ed)
  • CoH (AP)
  • Dungo (averaged)
  • LoH
  • Gore Rider
  • Mara
  • Raven
  • DStar
  • Grief / Heaven's Light
  • HoZ (Um'ed)

His merc is a NM Might.

Gears available to him are:-
  • Vampire Gaze/ Kira
  • Shaftstop/ Smoke (GH)
  • Reaper's /Infinity

I also have the runes to make a "Doom" if necessary.

If he is beyond savaltion, pls say so (I can take it). If he is marginal, then I would prefer to finish tis unfinished business.

Many thanks in advance.


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your skills sound good. except for the holy shock part. i take it that you are not using holyshield. If not, then start pumping sacrifice for zeals syn. this will let you leach a little more.

equipment wise: CB will greatly improve your efficiency. OW would be nice too. life leach. 10% is probably good enough.

Doom on you merc will not be a good idea. I think the holy freeze from doom will be cancelled by yours. and the -% to enemies cold resist only applies to the merc's attacks. I would put an infinity on him for the coniction aura. This will let you hit more with the - defense, and harder with the -% resist. That and it will deal a lot of lightning damage for the Physical and Cold Immunes in hell.


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So what seems to be his biggest problem? Dying alot, not doing enough damage to cold immunes, or....?

I noticed that you don't have any Holy Shield available as a skill. Are you using a two-handed weapon and that is why no shield?

Obviously you are richer than I with Inifinity, Hoz, CoH and the like. Since my frost zealot solved Hell you definitely can, so this character is definitely salvagable.


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tx for the advice and encouragement OD and Mur. The reasons that he suffered back then were CI and could kill fast enf b4 the monster get him. IIRC, he used a plus two sword (uniques...don't remember the name) and a pal_shield loaded with resistances.

Without Fanaticsm and holy shield will he survive hell sololy and is it too late to put some points there? @ lvl 74 , I guess he will gain another 6-7 skill pts b4 Baal.


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To be honest I've never used a Paladin without Holy Shield. That said you "should" be able to get through Hell with your high end equipment, but it will be rough. I'd expect to die and have to do some hit-and-fade tactics to get by the more dangerous enemies.

Your damage is pure cold, so there is a possible avenue you can take. You could make Doom in a one handed axe (double-check the weapon requirement on that one) and equip it on your Paladin. With the -cold resist mod that should increase your killing power by a fair degree. The problem is that the one handed axes have low durability, I believe, and you'll be running back to town constantly to repair it.

Make sure your resistances are high and you should be able to do a bit better in Hell.