An Importer's Introduction


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Hello SPF,

I've been playing D2 for a while now and have lurked here for nearly 2 years. After playing with a variety of mods in the past I decided to do a FAM restart and participate in the community here, partially for the tournaments but also for the community itself!

So, how did I get here?

I started playing D2 in april 2017 and was immediately hooked! My first char was a barb that made it to level 13 without ever getting past the barracks.
How is that possible? It might have had something to do with the fact that he was using a crossbow! At one point an extra fast yeti from the outer cloister chased me all the way back to the underground passage...

Anyway! I created an amazon after that and couldn't have been happier. I played with strafe and frozen arrow and actually got to see the rest of the game with her. In retrospect I have to say that a bowazon is probably one of the most fun characters to start out with!
As I progressed I learned a lot about the game and eventually also about runewords! My first runeword was Nadir and I thought it was a pretty sweet helm :D I also saw the Harmony RW and from that moment on did everything to get a Ko. It was such a great feeling when I finally got my Harmony bow, definitely one of the things that kept me playing the game, finding that one thing that makes your build!

From then on I learned everything I could about D2 and I guess I have racked up quite an expertise on it. I have to say though that I wouldn't know even 1% of it if it wasn't for this forum, the amazon basin and certain other sources! I guess it's impossible to say exactly what fascinated me most, but one of my all time favorite posts here is Gripphon's post on picking behaviour! I never picked another rare amulet after reading that :D

From then to now I reset a total of three times, each time changing the quality of life mods that I used. This will be my fourth reset and my first FAM reset to date and I hope that it will be my last ;) I will certainly miss some things from those mods but at least I will never have to build a smiter ever again! Seriously, that build is horrible :p

So I started on friday with RWM, Singling and GoMule (and I guess in the future ATMA bugging...) and today my sorc got that RoF waypoint in Hell having reached level 78! Not exactly a speedrun but I got a lot done in that time. I played close to the speedrun build though, starting out with CB into Nova/Static and then switching to Blizzard/Static. Some great moments along the way were an Ist from one of pindle's minions in NM and the fact that I got Um and Pul at the Hellforges.

Today was a hard day though. I got to hell and started making my way through the acts. However I had it in my mind to get as few waypoints as humanly possible to make her a more efficient runner in the future. After quite a few map resets and a lot of frustration (resetting Tal Rasha's tomb is no fun when you have to teleport there all the way from the palace! ) I managed to get to Act 4 with only the Black Marsh, Catacombs, Lower Kurast and Durance waypoints activated. Shoutouts to the flayer jungle for letting me teleport through without dying :cool:
I guess I could have used another respec to play her as a meteorb but I already dread farming essences so I stuck with Blizzard. Incidentally she still has 104 stat points unassigned :D

All of that will pay off now as she is in a prime position to farm Mephisto! She even has a nice map for moating, i.e. no annoying Bremm Sparkfist :)

My short term goals now are to participate in RFL with whatever I can muster (probably no cows for me though I guess :) ). After Mephisto gives me what he can I will probably rush a bunch of sorcs, a java and a hammerdin up and hopefully one of those sorcs will be sucessful in LK!

One of the things that made me restart was the recent buzz about the AS and potential runners for it, especially the java! In particular I quite liked the 99fcr java that @ffs posted in last years RFL thread. I never played a java with that much fcr but it looks like a lot of fun! If I should't be able to get all the necessary ingredients I will probably default on the hammerdin but that's okay for me too :) (Let's be realistic: a good java is quite an extravagant build and since I probably won't be doing much area running I'm fairly certain that Griffon's is of the table for now ;) )

Before I close I have a question! In another thread I read that there was a fix for the flavie report which removed Azurewrath CS and fixed the Sparking Mail/Skiller bugs. Sadly the thread didn't include a link to it and as far as I can't tell it's not in the Community and Links sticky. Does anyone know where I can find this?

I don't know how long an intro is supposed to be but this is it. I'll end this with a screenshot of my Ist!

Thanks for reading and have a nice sunday evening,




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Welcome! Love the enthusiasm about finding/making basic things like Harmony. That’s also what’s so great about the untwinked 99er thread, you really appreciate the good items when they drop for the first time – and yes, you definitely should join the fun there!

Glad you like the 99 FCR Java. Indeed she is probably the strongest overall Java I’ve played, and definitely the most fun one!


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Welcome to the SPF! Nice, lengthy intro-post, lots of amazon love, inspired by @ffs 99fcr javazon...great stuff, man! You'll find a good amount of people who also have done fresh restarts. Per usual, I also must say that you should check out the untwinked 99er thread as well if that interests you.

Oh, and grab some shin guards before it's too late!


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Welcome to the forums.

I misread the title of your screenshot at first, and thought you had screenshotted your "pindliest" run (i.e. your most superlative pindle run). :p

And thank you for the story of the show barb. I love stories of peoples first interactions with the game. :)


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Thank you all for the warm welcome so far, I already have Tearhaunches so I don't feel a thing ;)

As regards the untwinked 99ers I certainly am interested in that. But before I delve into that I want to build up a strong base of characters first, so I always have multiple options. Nothing kills your motivation faster than feeling like you have to do a certain run or character now.

When I join that I probably won't be doing it with a sorc though :D I already tought about it and some form of Java or a Holy Shock Pala (into a Dreamer) would sound like fun. As usual it all comes back to lightning chars :)

Definitely feels like Amazon's are a fan favorite here! When I'm rich again I want to give the Spearazon a second try, something like Jab/CS should be viable. In any case that is not a candidate for the untwinked 99ers :D

@NoisemakerArrow , I can't add links yet, but the post that I refer to is the 21st in a thread called "Increasing my efficiency in D2". It's the first result in google if you look for that exact phrase (you need to put it in " though!)


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Great to have you here! (Kindly remember to equip your shin guards before posting in the memorial bar thread.)


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Welcome here. Really nice introduction thread !!! Not sure why you still have your wallet though, so I'll get that part out of the way by taking it. Drinks in the bar are on my folks :).

Btw, about the flavie report ... I got mine, a version without the normal Azurewrath and including skillers, from @ioupainmax . Check his sig to see what I mean. Not sure, but I think he sent it to me.


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Btw, about the flavie report ... I got mine, a version without the normal Azurewrath and including skillers, from @ioupainmax . Check his sig to see what I mean. Not sure, but I think he sent it to me.
I think I did!

After a discussion with @maxicek, @Thyiad and @Gynli, it was decided that I would provide the files to Silospen, who would include them in a future release of GoMule. During this process I uncovered some minor display bugs (to do with 'requirements -X%'), one of which Silospen fixed straight away, but the other required more work. Silospen did release a version of GoMule with the first bugfix and the updated Flavie report (including skillers) and everything worked (which is not a surprise as I've been using the files for years and this was simply a repackage of the existing GoMule with a bug fix and the newer Flavie text files).

That was back in November 2018 and I'm not sure where things stand now.

@maxicek Since the second bug fix might take a while, is it worth putting the link to the latest version of GoMule with updated Flavie in the stickies so people can begin to use it?


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Went back and read your intro thread, art. Glad you joined! What is this picking behavior post by Gripphon? I'd be interested to see that for sure!


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Yes. Lots of questions I asked when I was still rather new here, and even more very useful answers. It helped me so much to become far better at mf, rf and xp runs.