An Idea I got...need help organizing


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An Idea I got...need help organizing

I MF alot, and Im also a pack-rat..I have 2 accounts of mules, I really just dont know what to do with, all the mules are pretty much full, and most of them got crap items (low-mid lvl unq's N sets) and I would like to empty them out a bit. My thought on this was, a giveaway of some sort. The problem is how to do it, when to do it, stuff like that, so everyone gets a chance at something. I would just split the stuff between all my friends, but they dont want non of it, and yall on the forums seem like a nice group of people, so I figured I hold it on forums.

Ideas about a giveaway please. :thumbsup:


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How about if people bring digglers for Usufruct and you give an item for each diggler. The better the diggler, the better the item. Then we could overload Usu's mules!! :thanks:


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i'm guessing most people here already have that low-mid lvl stuff, so i'd just make a game called free stuff in norm and let the pubbies fight over it...

or you could do what i do, and try to trade each piece for a p gem or two, then rollem


I also want to clean up my mules. Any one have ideas that can make fun when give away the items?


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Lol, thats a funny idea, mabey be taken into consideration... :scratch:

You could also do a raffle like I did a few months ago. Count the number of items, then pick a field of numbers and randomly insert items at certain numbers. Allow everyone to pick 1,2, or 3 from the number field.
When I do giveaways, I either make a game drop all my junk in it. then post the name in the forums.
Come up some with questions for people to answer. Assign a mule to the question, whoever answers it correctly, wins all the items on the mule. Mindless questions are best, the difficulty of the question reflects the quality of items on the mule...
eg= whats my name?
whats my favorite color?
why is usufruct crazy?


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the who number thing would probably be best. since like the person said earlier most of us have stuff already so you wouldnt get a full mule and not be able to hold it all.


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Have a scavinger hunt! Example: Go to Type in hurt me diablo, click on the 12 link found, click on the 3rd ... (so on) and the last word in the second paragraph is the username... for the password got to ... you get the idea..


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Theres a fine idea in the Sorc section. Peeps donate items at a certain accnt, and newbies or vets w/ new chars can request items from there to outfit themselves with.

Its doable.


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similar to scavenger hunt idea, create a game and go to an area, any area u want. Drop a bunch of items in different spots. then tell people there are items in whichever area (or don't, ur choice), and whoever finds them first gets them. use lots of areas so they really have to look for them. just be vague when u say what area, like tell them they are in the first half of act 1 or something like that.



Bah, whenever I make a pubby treasurehunt, some dick always comes and calls me a n00b for making him walk through the blood moor to find an item. vs just handing it to him.

And then they invariably squeal like a 6 year old at Busch gardens when they find that glorious, Glorious lance of yaggai.

Iunno, Randomize it. Split em into 10 groups and roll a d10.


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Most of the people on these forums probably won't need many low level items.

You can always go into a "Starting Act 1" type of game, where there are people who are actually starting a new game, and *gasp* seem to be playing it through, and give gear there (assuming they don't start the 'gimme itmaz plz' crud...)


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I used to save *everything* when I was new, because I thought it was all so NEAT! But I've learned what's helpful, and how to avoid keeping 3 different bloodthief's ;) I did something fun to clean out mules yesterday. I joined public games with low-level characters in them (20 or below).. and dropped stuff in rogue camp. The folks were usually questing, and I'd message there was stuff and leave. Did this about 8 or 10 times. Gave a level 4 pally sigons set, gave an assasin some rare claws. It was super-fun. :)

I'd also message that if they didn't like 'em, they could sell 'em. :)


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2 things..

#1 Some of the things are real nice for all around people I.E. Ariocs, Shafts, Gazes, Strings, stuff like that (I know most people have them, but there may be poeple that could use them)

#2 The people on this forum seem real nice, and I would just go in game and give away, but then I get this "gimme gimme gimme" "itemz plz, items plz" or/and if I dont, they call me n00b and threaten me, think I would rather hold one on here

I like that idea of giving the items numbers and having people pick numbers...might have to do that.

d2 junkie

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This is what I regularly do:
Create game in normal passworded something simple like 56ty///56
unload all the stuff you dont need in acts 1-5 and work the quality of the items in the same way not so good act 1 and best act 5
go to the trade channel and spamm game 56ty//56 FREE items I just cleaned my mules!!!
and watch the people go nuts on it,let them know that the items are on the 5 acts towns[I got 2 comps so I always leave a char in the game]I have fun :lol: