An end to insanity: Ayla is 99


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An end to insanity: Ayla is 99

Ayla the Bliz Sorceress has killed Baal for the final time. 12 months after her creation and some 7000 Baal runs later she has finally retired, and to tell you the truth I'm slightly sick of her:wink2:

When I started this madness I don't think I realised just how big an effort it would be. It certainly won't be something that I repeat in a hurry.

Well here she is........


Strength : 142
Energy : 100
Dexterity : 43
Vitality : 300

Skills: Max Bliz, Ice Blast, Ice Bolt, Glacial Spike, Cold Mastery (+ prereq)
1 point wonders - SF, TK, Teleport, rest in Warmth

Equipment: (Socketed with)

Harley (pTopaz)
Tal's Guardianship (pTopaz)
2x SOJ
Tal's Ammy
Chancies (40% mf)
War Travs (50% mf)
Spirit Monarch (33% fcr)
Death's Fathom (5/5 facet)

and on switch: Bonehew Ogre Axe (Hel, Hel)

In the backpack: 4x Cold Skillers, 40% mf Gheeds, 15x 7% smfc, 4x shimmering small charms

Merc Gear:
Upped and Eth Kelpie (Shael)
Tals Horadic Crest (jewel of Fervor)
Gladiator's Bane

As for finds, I'm still missing 6x TC 87's from the grail. Rune drops fell below expectations (maybe I was hoping for too much??)

Best finds: Ber (minions), Lo (minions), 2x Stormlash, CoA, Mangs, 2x Windforce, and tons of others to numerous to mention.


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congrats this is awsome. come over to the emb and let us buy you some drink :thumbsup:

Whats next for you ?


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Congratulations on your impressive feat! You're an inspiration to my lvl 95 blizzsorc.


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Good to see that you've made it!! Big thumbsup

I guess runedrops from Baal runs are not as great as you might think, I only got a Ber ;)


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Wow, congratulations!!

I believed you would make it there. Some really awesome items you found too.

congratulations again.


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Hope you aren't sick of the game by now, so you'll be able to enjoy your finds to the skies :)


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Congrats in your Cl99.

A Beer(in helm or armour gives free beer everywhere) and a Lo Rune is great drops.

only six more :laugh:


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10 chars!

(in your honor, I just made my first blizz sorc and she's level 6 as we speak and just finished the DoE quest).

Her name is "grogs" by the way.


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took you long enough.....


Next time your up this way i'll by you a beer:thumbsup:


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Hey. Congrats.

Wanted to ask though, how did you deal with the Vamps/Redballshoothingdemonsthingys/Obl knights?


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Let me give the don my respect. :thumbsup:

*pulls wallet, takes out a bill of respect and plops it down on the table*

This is a great achievement indeed! Looks like your zen-like patience paid off.
My experience bar already moves like a glacier, and I'm not even lvl. 92 yet.


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Thanks all:thumbsup:

@Rax - I'll hold you to that beer!

@Tweety - 2 Bers and a Lo in 14,000 runs isn't too flash really:sad2:

@Ardo - Clear the Throne at /p1 + Bonehew on switch; as long as there are non-CI's in the throne, kill one (them), lure the Vamps and Hell witches to the corpse and CE away. If the throne is full of vamps and witches then save and exit is your friend. Edit: Oblivion knights are the easiest of them all as they always come with doom knights, CE splody away.......