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an Assasin that will work in hell

Discussion in 'Assassin' started by McTCM, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. McTCM

    McTCM Diabloii.Net Member

    Mar 5, 2005
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    an Assasin that will work in hell

    but no kicksin or our ordinary trapsin(Lighting or fire traps)

    I was thinking something in the lines of
    20 Blade Fury
    20 Blade Shield
    20 Shadow Master(?)
    10-20 Venom

    would this work in the long run? and ones i hit 80 what skills do I have to learn then?
  2. Chimaira

    Chimaira Diabloii.Net Member

    Feb 28, 2005
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    There's a guide in the strategy compendium that looks a lot like the one you just outlined... altough you need some pretty sweet gear to make it work (Chaos claw is mandatory:()
  3. xlegolasxgimlyxstriderx

    xlegolasxgimlyxstriderx Diabloii.Net Member

    Jul 22, 2003
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    Works well

    Ill tell you somthing that im very impressed with is the Blade Fury assassin. Which there is a guide for at that link he left you i beleive. One of the few things i had done in this game is create a character to take it all the way threw hell on its own. Actually ive never done past norm on my own. So I decided to take on this build. I have currently made it threw a4 nightmare and am about to tackle a5. But this build just keeps on get stronger and stronger. So i suggest Blade Fury.
  4. turmania

    turmania Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 3, 2004
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    well you can make this build work provided you have a good tank with maxed shadow master and a good merc. you will not be able to kill group of monsters without being surrounded so you need a good tank and you need to stay out of trouble.

    the trick with this build is that your primary weapon would be blade fury. blade fury damage is bad but it has its uses if you got some good % of crushing blow and venom.

    so i would say try to get a lot of crushing blow %. something around 75% to aim for.

    if you will end up using claws you are going to have to max claw mastery not only will it boost your blade fury damage but it will boost your AR as well, which is very much required to do as blade fury does not grant AR bonus on its own. however if you decide to use stormlash,fleshripper,famine,kingslayer or dont need to max claw mastery.

    that is going to be your first choice what weapon to use... i will outline the claw road.

    there are 3 primary skills to max in the claw road;

    20 pts venom
    20 pts shadow master
    20 pts claw mastery

    blade fury and shield are 1 point wonders, but if you insist of maxing one of them try maxing blade fury.

    and dump the rest of your points into cloak of shadows. in fact when you are around lvl 80. you should have almost maxed cloaked of shadows if you follow my outline...

    the mods you really need are crushing blow , and if you don't have high lvl of cos you will need ignore target defence.
  5. deadbeater

    deadbeater Diabloii.Net Member

    Aug 31, 2003
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    I built a blade fury-based assassin.

    JustaGrrl, level 81, US East

    Her equipment are:

    Weapon: Amn Baranar's Star, or ETH Gull for Mf. I am not in ladder, so I can't get Stormlash. If you are there, find it or trade it. I forego Claws, as they just don't do the damage she needs.
    Shield: Tiamat's Rebuke, or Rhyme Hyperion mf.
    Helm:Guillaume's. You Need it Bad.
    Gloves: Laying of Hands--lots of demons to kill; Could also use venom Grip, or Draculs.
    Belt: I use Credendum, but Nos Coil/Siggard Sheath works probably better.
    Boots: Gore Riders. If you are wearing anything else, take them off now!!
    Armor: Crow Caw or any Crushing Blow/Open Wounds Armor would be nice. I use Black Hades, and added more demon damage jewels.
    Rings: a Raven Frost and a 4 to min damage, 53 attack rating Prismatic Rare Ring. You may go for Dwarf Star, or better yet Carrion Wind.
    Amulet: Telling of Beads, but Highlords is optimal.

    Charms: Attack rating, elemental damage, resistance, max damage, and life, in that order.

    Note that Blade Fury only adds minimal damage at higher levels, no ar, no chance to critical strike, no anything else. So I left it at level one, even as it is my main attack, as it is one of few skills that little benefits from increasing skill levels.

    I also left Blade Shield Alone; the NextDelay built into to it is killer,-to you that is. As for Venom, too many poison immunes for my taste. So I added just enough to keep the monster green. I might add one to it later.

    As recommened by someone else on this board--I forget sorry--I maxed Death Sentry, and only Death Sentry, mainly for corpse explosion range.
    With those in mind, here is my current base skill listings:

    Martial Arts: None
    Fade 11,
    Shadow Master 18,
    Venom 5,
    rest at 1, including COS.
    Fire Blast 6 (2 extra Death Sentry Shots)
    Shock Web 7 (big oops; I thought I would max lightning sentry for this one, but changed courses)
    Lightning Sentry 12
    Death Sentry 20
    Wake of Fire 1
    Blade Sentinel 1
    Blade Fury 1.

    So now I do 410-1123 damage with blade fury with Baranars.

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