An apology to Barbs every where :P


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An apology to Barbs every where :p

Hi all, sorry if this is a bit long but, I want to share a revelation I had....

Since 1.07 I have played and made every char and wierd class possible, all were good except barbs, I always had problems with the play style. my favourite areas have always been wsk and cs, both of which contain IM so normaly I ended up leaching, bo'ing or making tentative swings with zerc.. Not my playstyle at all, I like to be in the middle killing :p

The answer was oc a zerc barb but this presented many problems for me.

1. No leach, this means potting often or standing back.

2. Howl and war cry, with careful use, kill speed is increased a bit but although safer, monsters have to chased down, again, not for me :p

3. Elemental attacks, with lower resis curses and no leach, life drops waaaay too fast for comfort...

4. The big problem, mana burners and mana drainers, constant potting again became irritating...

The reason I am apologising is not because barsbs are rubbish as I thought, but because I didn't know how to build them properly. Below is a build that overcomes all the above problems and is probably one of the strongest and safest builds I have ever built.

I am not saying the build is right for anyone else, but I'll share what I use with an explaination and if it gives anyone an idea then good :)

WarMonger - lvl 92

Helm - Guillaumes face, chosen over arreats (for the first time btw) for the awesome offensive properties, the best way to stay safe is to kill the enemy :p this helm has stats that cannot be obtained from charms, all of arreats stats can be...

Rest - Grief pb, Fortitude, Storm (Shael), Highlords, Laying of Hands, Thundergods, Raven, Gores, BK (All fairly standard I believe)

Charms - Enough resis charms to give max resis after lower resis curse, this allows all elemental attacks to be ignored especially lightning due to tgods. Enough fhr charms to hit 90% total for 4 frames. Rest are life charms

Merc - Prayer

Helm - Delerium, greatly overlooked, casting confuse often prevents being mobbed and allows almost constant attacking without the need for battle crys etc.

Armour - Gloom, great def and resis, (also blinds which is nice)

Weapon - Low dam Voulge insight. being a prayer merc all the leach/mana/life problems solved, being low dam, IM is not a problem.

If you think no leach is a problem for him, it isnt, he never dies.

The bottom line...

1. Total immuninty from elemental attacks even with conviction on.

2. Massive deadly strike and CB meaning many 1 hit kills, 2 hits max, 4 hits for diablo...

3. Fast life / mana regen

4. Excellent support merc who also has great crowd control skills.

5. A totally offensive char who can stand in the middle almost any group of monsters and just beat the hell out of them - fast!

For the first time in 6-8 years I can finally say..



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Re: An apology to Barbs every where :p

I use Upped Um'ed Unique Guardian Angel HellForge Armor for the +15% MAX all resists. How are you doing it? and max block + for less dex points
90% resist all in hell even before Fade triggers, ETH BOTD CBlade & Stormshield or Last wish and lawbreaker or grief , Max Berserk, good WW, Crys, Concentrate, and a touch of Frenzy.

Merc with Insight


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Re: An apology to Barbs every where :p

I do it with resis charms (with 2nd mods) at the expense of life charms, I would rather have less life that stays fairly constant than a large life pool that jumps around with every elemetal attack on me. Especially under conv or lower resis curse.

The point I was trying to make, (albeit with waffling :p) is that I always went with high life to soak the damage, but now have found it far better to avoid taking the damage, and by doing so require far less life.

I can post the charms if you want to see a breakdown.


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Re: An apology to Barbs every where :p

How do you go from 75% max to 90% max in hell? you need +15% Max Charm? Not Exist! Charms not add to max % Resists only total=75% max
MAX=75% after LR or Convict is all you can do.
The Armor I use has
+180-200% Enhanced Defense (varies)
+20% Increased Chance Of Blocking
+30% Faster Block Rate
+ (2.5 Per Character Level) 2-247 To Attack Rating Against Demons (Based On Character Level)

+1 To Paladin Skill Levels
+4 To Light Radius
15% To Maximum Poison Resist
15% To Maximum Cold Resist
15% To Maximum Lightning Resist
15% To Maximum Fire Resist

(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)
up-ed and um ed adds extras=1500s base defense and =15% resists of the type you get in charms.
90% in hell even on LCS, Trigger fade and Still mostly 90s when under curse aura.
Your Setup MAX=75%
My setup good fast block low dex invest and block ONLY Defense when Berserk
My setup Fade, Life Tap, Decrypt, Meditation.
My Setup WW Max Breakpoint. Defense under Concentrate high as Fort and add Speed when frenzy-ed up and both Add Magic-Damage=20%.
I run Chaos no TP - I kill OK's and let George follow, anyplace runner.

Nice Apology BTW
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Re: An apology to Barbs every where :p

Aaaah, sorry I missunderstood, when I said I had max resis I meant the base max ie 75% (90% for light) and keep them even under conviction except for poison (75 75 90 60)


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Re: An apology to Barbs every where :p

:wave:No Problem but it is a big point...
Resists are Key when playing this and the NR skill may need a few more points than normal.
The Armor choice is a weird fit but works if you want to try a High Block and Resist Berserk mixed with a two sword/Axe high defense Concentrate or Frenzy.
Also with the armor I have I can P diamond or other my stormshield rather than shael it