Amulet for IK barb


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Amulet for IK barb

hi folks

after finally getting all Ik set i made my IK WW barb and according to various ppl the best amu for him is highlords, having searched my mules i saw a 2/1 seraphs and wondered if anyone had tried this on a WW barb.

The +2 skills looked nice, plus all the + to dam / AR to undead/demons

(atm he is wearing an eye of etlich - this was the first think decent item he got to wear and i am now lvl 79 and i have decided its time for an upgrade)

tho he does seem to do very well atm in Hell :D

anyone have any thoughts on this

(i am trading for highlords atm so i will have both).
If you need the ar for demons and undead I suppose it would be ok, but otherwise stick with the highlords, ds/lr/+1 all skills is really nice.


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Metalgrid is better than highlords. You get 350 def which can be boosted alot by shout. You get ar which you'll soon find an ik barb desperately needs, and resists. +1 for a barb isnt all that essential and doesnt make a big enough difference to matter.


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What about Atma's? Does the +20% to Attack Rating beat out a Metalgrid? Also, would the chance to cast Amp Damage trigger when using WW?


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For AR problems .. a demon limb to cast enchant on switch can add loads of AR. However it might not be the best on an IK barb because of the % chance to cast enchant that the IK set has. If you cast enchant with a demon limb (lvl 21 I think) and then your % chance to cast enchant on the IK set goes off (lvl 5 I think) would the lower lvl one override the higher lvl one? If not then use the limb to enchant and don't worry about ar, choose whatever amulet you like better.