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Amulet Affix Optimization Theory

Discussion in 'Crusader' started by Clervis, Jan 19, 2015.

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    Dec 12, 2006
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    I'm trying to gamble/craft an amulet with the best combination of affixes for my Shield Bash/Condemn Akkhan Crusader. But there seems to be a number of affixes that are great, but I can only roll four. Anyway, I'm going to try to do the math and see what happens. Let me know if this looks right.

    For simplicity's sake, I'm assuming max stat on each affix. Also, I'm leaving out area, and niche damages because they're hard to compare and likely not as important anyway. Also, secondary's and lgems aren't considered.

    Before I begin, here's my current baseline:
    8382 Str
    60% Crit Chance
    +300% Crit Damage
    +20% Holy Damage
    29.99 sec AC Cooldown
    10 sec Condemn Cool
    2473.1 Weapon Damage

    Strength [+625]
    *straight forward calculation
    7.46% increase to damage

    Crit Hit Chance [+10%]
    *assumes constant crit dam at +250%
    11.77% increase to damage

    Crit Hit Damage [+100%]
    *likewise assumes constant crit chance at 35%
    17.65% increase to damage

    CDR [8%]
    *This one is tricky because it not only decreases AC cooldown, but it decreases Condemn cooldown and the two compound. I'm going to roughly estimate that half of my damage comes from Condemn. I'll also use the cooldown calculator website to calculate downtime. Note: AC has 35% increase dam, and Condemn is 50% of total damage.
    AC w/ +8CDR (27.59 CD): 1+ (20/27.59)*.35 = 1.2537
    AC w/o+8CDR (29.99 CD): 1 + (20/29.99)*.35 = 1.2334
    Top/Bottom=1.0165 benefit from 8 more CDR
    Condemn w/ +8CDR (9.2): .50+.50/(9.2/10) = 1.0435
    4.35% increase to Condemn
    Compounding these two: 1.0165*1.0435=1.0607
    6.07% increase to damage

    Holy [+20%]
    * for this one I'm going to estimate that 90% of my damage comes from my Shield Bash and Condemn. Probably an underestimate.
    15% increase to damage

    Socket [1]
    * just throwing in a flawless royal ruby (+2 and ignoring lgems.
    3.22% increase to damage

    Damage [+80-160 damage]
    I think you just add the damage to the weapon damage.
    4.85% increase to damage

    Strength: +7.46%
    CritChance: +11.77%
    CritDam: +17.65%
    CDR: +6.43%
    Holy: 11.35%
    Socket: 3.86%
    Damage: 4.85%

    • It seems CDR is very much overvalued as a stat. While this is obviously under the effect of diminishing returns, the obsession with Perma-Akarat's Champion most likely comes at the cost of damage output. At 6.07%, it's dwarfed by the other stats, and most of the benefit just comes from Condemn.
    • Critical Hit Chance and Damage are very underdeveloped on my character and represent a big opportunity. They also compound. The 11.77% and 17.65% independent improvement together become 31.5% compounded, another 2.1% bonus.
    • Critical Hit Chance is best prioritized through Amulet, Shield, Gloves (up to 10 apiece); and then Rings, Bracers, and Helm (up to 6 apiece). This brings the cap before skills to 54%. Punish's Fury tacks on another 15% after you block.
    • Alternatively, one might be able to forego Crit Chance altogether and pursue only CDR for the Law of Valor - Critical rune. At max CDR, you can have 100% Crit Chance for 5 seconds, then 5 seconds cooldown, equating to 50% Crit Chance, but with Perma-AC/Shield Glare/Judgement/Consecration and ridiculous CD otherwise (5 sec Condemn, 10 sec Falling Sword, etc.)
    • Critical Hit Damage is also great, but varies more widely than the other Amulet affixes (50-100%). Still, it's the best performer for me. Of course, your highest Emerald should go right into your weapon (+130% for FRE). But then look to Amulet as a must (100%). Rings and gloves are next, but don't forget Witching Hour can give you 50% as well.
    • Unique amulets have the upper hand over gambled in that their +Element% and +Strength have higher ranges. Ouroboros, for instance can go up to +20% Holy (+13.24% dam) and +750 Strength (+8.82% dam). Crit mods stay the same.
    • +Element% Damage is great if you primarily damage through one source, but it has diminishing returns. Still, it's available through a lot of slots, and especially through uniques. I haven't ever tried a Fire Crusader, but they can cap out at +180% Fire Damage. Ridiculous.
    • +xx-xx damage is good for fast attacking low damage builds, but there are very few of those for Crusaders.
    • Sockets tend to underperform if you don't have lgems. However, if you use the Finery that +270 str becomes +375, or more with higher base strength. This still pales compared to the other, however. But you also get added armor.
    • Strength is obviously a go to affix.
    • Crit Damage > Crit Chance > Holy > Strength, for me. Also, the Crit Damage + Crit Chance combo is a about 3 times more important than Strength or Holy.
    Well that's my mama! Keep in mind, this was calculated with a specific build in mind, but could be modified for others. If you guys find yourself in a similar position, you can easily plug in your stats and gear piece to figure out your prioritization. Also, to error is human and, being a sub-human, I could've mixed some numbers up. Let me know if you see any quantitative or conceptual errors in the above stuff.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2015

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