Amp Dmg with Volcano?


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Amp Dmg with Volcano?

This post might be useless from some thinking, but I might as well ask and find out anyway. Was making a pure summoner druid until I found a neat snippet of information somewhere on Volcano being a prime boss/non-moving target killer. I read the damage is dealt by each little orb of debris/fire, so I figure amp damage might work.

But then I realized it's a spell so it should be obvious that the physical damage it deals won't be affected by amp damage..

Does amp damage effect volcano or no?

I can't use my atma scarab just yet so I can't find out.


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Does amp damage effect volcano or no?
Yes, AmpDmg and Decrepify make Volcano's physical damage portion hit harder. MoultenBoulder, Armageddon, Twister and Tornado also have physical damage, not to mention Wolves, Grizzly and Act1/2/5 Mercs.

L20 Volcano with only prereqs
Mana cost: 25
Cast Delay: 4 Seconds
Range: 8 Yards
Physical Damage: 87 - 89
Fire damage: 87 - 89
[Synergy] Molten Boulder: +12% Physical Damage / Lvl
[Synergy] Fissure: +12% Fire damage / Lvl
[Synergy] Armageddon: +12% Fire damage / Lvl
Your AmpDmg on Atma's Scarab won't activate by casting Volcano, but will activate for any melee or ranged weapon you use, like on weapon-switch. Lacerator works great to quickly AmpDmg bosses too.


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I thought amp did not work with tornado and though I have no testing experience with fire skills and amp I would assume that it does not work with volcano. Pyro are you sure it does work?


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I'm think PyroStock is 100% correct...Volcano isn't just a fire skill it has a physical damage component too, which Amplify Damage will enhance. I haven't actually tried it myself, but I've seen many very knowledgeable people say it's true, and the Arreat Summit says it too.
since this wasn't answered in the other thread I'll take it up here :)

Will Volcano + amp mean you would need double hp to avoid hit recovery?
But isn't it so that the hit recovery lock only applies for one type of damage? E.g. versus a 100 fire damage, and 100 physical you would need 1200 and the same versus a 100 fire, and a 100 physical? Besides if you have 1200 physical damage, and lets just say 0 fire, then the amp would double it to 2400, would that mean you would need 2.4k-4.8k of life to avoid hit recovery lock? (1200*2*12/12) = 2.4k or (1200*2*12/6) = 4.8k