Amorphis - 1.00 HC Sorceress


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Hi !!

I always loved to read time travelers threads and guides on this forum.
After I red some old Diablo 2 patchs walkthrough reports, like DariusTriplet's or Macintom's, I felt the urge to try to make this work, just to see if I could try it myself one day.

Thanks to all the great topics we can find on SPF, I managed to get a Diablo2 1.0 version to work after some struggle, with 2 instances of the game run in local multiplayer (for muling purpose), in English.

I couldn't wait any longer and had to try it myself, so I left my 1.13 characters aside, and give birth to Amorphis, the (HC) sorceress.

Her purpose is first to beat the game in hell, and gather a lot of nice unusual rare items, and have fun with this version of the game, before who knows, move further on in time.

You instantly realize you're not playing the same game : you play in a tiny screen (480x600, it's small), you notice a lot of unusual things (no "repair all" button, full screen flashes as lightning stikes in the Blood Moor - hope the player is not epileptic -, tomes of identify and town portal can be dropped by monsters, you can pack keys by 6 only, some curse stays still active a few seconds after the boss's death, ...), and most of all : no mana pots in shops, and, I had almost forgotten : drops are AWFUL !!!
Even for the mana potions thing, I was not too worried, I used to pick up a lot of potions, and quickly end up with a full inventory, but here, even potions don't drop easily ! I had to save every potion for later because it's really hard to find !!
So instead of drinking pots, it's town portal all the time. I don't know what was the plan behind this, we could buy mana potions in Diablo 1, so what went through game designer's mind ?
The same goes for chipped gems, I found maybe 3 or 4 before Andariel, that's all.
Anyway, that's what I needed, challenging game, and (almost) the feeling to play a new game. So let's go !!

Starting was easy, as usual, and hit monsters with the staff is as efficient as firebolts.

She needs everything in the beginning, a lot of strength to wear items, vitality to survive, and energy, a lot of energy.
Her first skill points were spent in warmth and static field, plus 1 point to ice bolt.
I soon trade her staff for a 1h-weapon (a sabre with nice little bonuses), planning to equip Amorphis with a shield, as she'll have to protect herself from thrower monsters and fast packs. The sabre is effective against foes, as long as Amorphis manage to fight them one by one. So most of the time, static and ice bolt are massively used, with the huge amount of mana needed.

From the Tamoe highland, things get really worse, and she had more and more flee/panic situation. She could however reach the inner cloister waypoint safe. Every item she had was lame at best, and she owned 3000 gold coins. She'll have to improve !
She made her way with care to Andariel's Lair. Amorphis spammed static, and slained the Demon. She is lvl 10. Nothing interresting was found in this first act, but 5 gems, which is not really much...

Once in the desert, Amorphis went to find the Horadric Cube. It was mostly running between enemies, killing some when she was lucky enough to find a mana pool or a well. These, like wapypoints, are the best place to fight and kill some monsters without suffering too much from the lack of mana.
Some monsters like skeletons can still be slained with the sword, most of time there's only static and ice blast to get rid of enemies. I found a nice +3 ice blast +2 warmth staff in a shop, but couldn't afford it for now...
I managed to get the cube, and slay Radament.

Back in the desert, I found the first Amorphis' unique item. A nice Bloodrise. It deals great damage, but Amorphis still lacks attack rating. She uses the bloodrise, but just to finish frozen foes.

The maggot lair was not so bad, until Amorphis finds the final room. She never managed to reach the chest, and was overwhelmed by hundred of worms. After a few try, I had to start another game.

The second try was better, she ran to the chest, and grabbed the staff without even trying to kill all the worms.

The claw viper temple lvl 2 was a challenge, as usually. I hired a mercenary for that level, just to distract the vipers a few seconds.

I had to quit the game at first try, too many salamander everywhere.
I found a Hsarus belt on the way, those 20 life will be appreciated. I grapped the viper amulet and flee, once again.

The Arcane sanctuary was quickly done, Amorphis was lucky enough to find the right way on first try.
Time to go for Duriel ! In the Canyon, she could gain some more xp, with nice xp configurations like this :

In the tomb, she encoutered another Diablo II 1.00 "joke", the door that cannot be crossed :

Had to restart the game, no way to go behind this door (no teleport yet). Anyway...
She reached lvl 18 in Duriel's tomb, and it was a nice imporvement, because of glacial spike ! more expensive thant ice blast, but very very very more efficient !! more damage and AOE damage ! So now, a few static + a few glacial spikes still empties Amorphis' mana pool, but with great results !

Duriel was not a problem, really. Static to get his hp low, a few glacial spikes to finish him.



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That maggot lair!!:D I guess you have to play extra carefully. No knowing what oddities will come your way when playing 1.00.

Stay safe!


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MSLE. And, not relevant to a Sorceress, but...

Iron Maiden

\m/ d(^_^)b \m/

The lack of a reliable mercenary, also, but that can be overcome.
Good luck!


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Looking forward to reading this. Good luck on your journey. Doing this immediately in HC is brave, very brave. Or just straight out crazy? ;)

Btw, is the name inspired by the very good metal band from Finland?


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Thanks guys ! To be honest, 2 previous sorceress died before that one, one in Act2 NM, another in act2 Normal. So yes, I was probably too greedy to start with HC, and I may regret some day...
I put some pressure on this one and write down here her progression.

And yes for the band name, even if I don't really listen to what they've done after "Far From The Sun".


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You should. They have been put out great stuff overall throughout their career. This might be a good place to check out their discography and album ratings.


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I'll try again some day. I listened to some albums, Eclipse and another one, it wasn't bad, but I felt déjà vu, and IMO it's hard to reach the perfection of Tuonela or Am Universum. I'll try again :D

Now, back to patch 1.00 !!

The good thing with act3, it's that Ormus is close to the town portal : it's faster to refill mana this way, and going back to town is still my main mana source as I started Act 3.
I feel very comfortable since I get Glacial spike, it deals nice damage at lvl 1, and I don't feel the need to improve my weapon for the moment.
Spider cavern gave no trouble.

Amorphis pregressed swiftly in the forest, but I have to remember how frail she is. She had a NDE in the flayer jungle, stucked under a flayer shaman's inferno, with her 0% fire resist.
She found another set item next, Vidala's boots, which she can't wear for the moment.

Time came to go to the scary Flayer dongeon. Asheara had the kindness to grant me a mage knight mercenary. We both spam Glacial Spike, it's really nice to get some help. Another similar nasty situation with a Shaman, and Amorphis found herself out of rejuvenation potion, which is not a good thing for a hardcore character...

Anyway, Endugu was killed, and Amorphis left the flayer dongeon safe, and took the road to Travincal.

Milabrega's crown was hidden in a chest. Can't use it neither.

Amorphis next level up gave some strength points, and other were found on a rare ring Ormus gave up. I could use now Vidala's fetlock and a magic chain mail that dropped earlier.

The end of the act went well. Travincal was quite easy. The only tough place was durance lvl 3, full of ghouls hard to kill and spamming firewall and meteor everywhere. I ended up avoiding them, and fought Mephisto in an unsual way, in a side room.

With static and patience, Amorphis killed the demon, and could go to the final act, at lvl 21.


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The beginning of Act4 was the best part of Amorphis's life : kill speed is good, I found a nice balance between static and Glacial Spike, I just have to be careful and not be trapped between some ruins or fissures in the ground and a pack of monsters.
Izual was beaten fast too.

The 3rd map was a bigger deal though, a lot of mage knights gave me some trouble.

I had a NDE after taking 3 bolts in the same time, and had to save and exit after Amorphis was trapped by enemies in a corner of the map.
She's still very frail, and I have to never forget it's HC here. So I gave her next lvl up some vitality (I need strength to wear those nice boots found in Act3, but I'm far from 70 STR) :

On the second or third try, I finally found the WP, after 2 or 3 more NDE because of this guy and his minions, packed on a small area spamming bolts.

I finally killed him, I shouldn't bother and move on, but I needed revenge for the bad moment Amorphis had because of him. He gave me crap, by the way.

The river of flame is another nightmare : just after the stairs, Amorphis is surrounded by all sort of nasty monsters. It was a few times kill some of them / flee where she could, save & exit, repeat.
Didn't want to teleport around to find a better spot, it would be suicidal. She's very very frail, but with all these fights, I'm now close to get her mana shield.

After trying maybe 15 new game, I manage to control the stairs of the River of flames, because I get a map with no Mage knights. Instead, I got a map full of maggots, which is not a piece a cake either to deal with.
Like in the Maggot lair, worms spawn at high rate. They die fast, thanks to Glacial Spike's area of effect, but to reach and kill every Blood Maggot is a struggle.

To reach the waypoint took forever, Amorphis progressed inch by inch, but it was done with hundreds of town portal to refill mana, obviously.
The good point is Amorphis gained a lot of xp, lvl 24 and Energy Shield was reached on the way.
Hephaisto was easy (I'm glad Amorphis wears fastest run boots). I killed the Armorer, and kept the hammer just for the great fire resist.

It's a good idea to enter the Chaos Sancutary with max Fire resist !

The Chaos Sanctuary was not as difficult as The River of Flame. I just had to move slowly, and take great care of these Oblivion Knights and their curses and bolts. they alos have a good cold resist, it took me almost 1 full mana bubble to kill one.

I felt really safer since Amorphis has a Mana Shield. She had to go to town more often but you get used to buy TP scrolls all the time :)
Lord de Seis was the harder boss to deal with, because he came with other Mages, and bolts were flying everywhere.

The final fight against Diablo was really easy. Just static him as much as possible, then finish him with a few Glacial Spikes.

No really nice drop, I won't use Arcanna's Staff...

Amorphis is now a countess. She's lvl 26.



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You bet right :) Frozen orb, cold mastery, it will be a blessing ! Even if I cant complain about her killing speed, it s far better than before she got Glacial Spike.


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This is so cool to read. I've been thinking about doing a HC 1.14 classic (can't get time travel to work anymore) amazon who only uses gambled items just for fun. Inspiring!


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Got some trouble with the screens of the cow level, I post again in a new post.

Another funny fact I forgot to mention about De Seis, he has a spell that throw away the potions from your belt !

Now it's time to go to slay some cows, after some items muling out.
Cow level is great because The Cow king is the only monster in 1.00 worth rerunning for items, and he can be killed again and again.

Cow level is not really easy, you can be quickly overwhelmed by cows.

The portal opened in a corner, and not far from the Cow king, a perfect configuration.

His first drop was equipped immediately.

After a few runs, and some uniques items drops (none usefull though) I decided to move to Nightmare, to reach lvl 30 and try to learn some lethal skills, because xp in cow level seems really low. Plus I ran out of space in my chest, so I had to mule and lose the great cow level map.



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I'm getting a lot of "ip banned" message these days, I can barely connect to the forum :(


Act 1 Nightmare was done the fast way ! No real trouble there, but lvl 1 Glacial Spike shows its limitations. I have to spam static more, or use 7 or 8 glacial spikes to kill, it's far too long.
Mana shield is a great spell, but it doesn't help the mana pool to remain filled, and Amorphis has to travel to town all the time to refill.
The only tough monsters are packs of throwers, whatever they throw

Andariel was not a problem, as usual, static spammed, GS to finish.

Amorphis just gained 1 lvl, she can wear her nice rare boots now.
Maybe I sould have farm more for items in Cow level... For now, I'll stick to my goal to reach lvl 30.


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IP banned issues was an issue that came up a fair while ago now. Didn't know it was still happening, but best to PM Elly and/or Rushter (or any forum admin/mod who could request extra info and help pass on any details.
I believe it was only certain geographical regions that were getting it, but not sure. I don't think any other Aussies were getting it, and I don't recall getting it here.

Well done so far! Couldn't imagine playing back in classic. XD