is their problems?? Im realy pissed... if


Diabloii.Net Member is their problems?? Im realy pissed... really pissed right now. Just got of a pubby game of baal runs...and it started out with these guys saying stuff like stfu u Ni**a and s**t like that and their like yea go hitler hes the best, stfu or ill slave u....and i got realy really pissed literally. I never knew a game can do this to u...and they were all americans they told me. So i got so pissed off that i killed every last one of them in throne and STILL this one guy stayed...and he still kept talking Sh**....and the worst thing about is....he was proud of what the americans did to black not black , but serious...i know im being sterotypical and i dont care cuz quite frankly, almost EVERY american gamer i've seen on is like that...they use niggaz as like a huge diss or w/e...can anyone explain that to me??? Like fo is their problems...??? response needed if u want u can, but im just like seriously pissed off right now...just wanted to blow off some steam, told like everyone i know, still im really pissed off. AND ANOTHER THING...its black history


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Take a breath.
Take it to the community forums.
Take everything someone tells you online with a grain of salt.

I'm from the north pole. (do you believe me?)



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ok, so lets get this straight. you are pissed they are discriminating so you come here talking about how americans are JAs. You do see the hypocrisy here don't you?

not to excuse the people you met online of course.


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this is off topic isnt it...? lol and i just found something very name is xlodtraderx...and im talking about blacks and americans....


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Anything directed at the game, even about the players, is best put in the Community Forum. I'd advise you, as a long time forum member and former mod, to stay away from saying that all (insert group) are (insert thing), especially if that thing is bad.


Well...the topic of the forums in general is the game Diablo or the Company Blizzard.

So anything posted in here should be "off-topic," meaning having nothing to do with those things that are on topic.


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You may have been offended, but to insult Americans as a whole based on what 1 guy did................thats just plain ignorant.


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I think you've just discovered why so many of us here have ditched that accursed excuse of a game. It's not so much the game, but the players. Consequently, the OT forum (that's this one) is like a sanctuary where we can go to be free of the evil influence of the game. So that's why several folks have said that this is the wrong forum, and it is.

But otherwise, I agree with your anger against the typical b-netter. They are the biggest collective bunch of subclass pseudo-humans I have ever seen.

Chief JB

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I'm American and I don't say things like that. Just because a group of American guys in a game say something, that doesn't mean the whole country feels that way.