America the Book


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America the Book

I haven't touched a book (includes textbooks) for over 6 years. I avoid libraries like the plague. And i leave when my friends try to drag me into a Barnes and Nobles to hang out.

However, i love the Daily Show on comedy central, i agree with almost everything he says (politically), and i think he's hilarious. I finally gave in and bought his book, and i couldn't put it down. It's the funniest book i've ever read, where he makes fun of everything political, especially about the absurdity of the system, although he does poke fun of the current administration as well. All his points are made with satire and humor and i've even learned some things i didn't know.

For anyone who hasn't read it, i suggest you do. If you've already read it, what are your thoughts on it?


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Absolutely hilarious (but sadly true). I love the part where they talk about the other countries. Especially where they go through the war history.

Netherlands: 5-5 Did you not expect the Dutch to break even?
Greece: 2-8 Haven't been the same since loss of Odyessyus

Fun times.


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That was actually the last book I read, and that was Christmas time. They even have a question at the end of one chapter that deals with Count Dooku.