Amazonbasin down?


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Incidentally, I tried to go to there yesterday and I think I didn't get a connection at all. Right now they seem to have a "do nothing" web server, so perhaps they are just reinstalling everything on a fresh system.


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This topic was posted back in December notifying us that the Amazon Basin would go offline for server maintenance 31 December - 3 January: since we were still online over that weekend, it seems that had just been delayed.

Our forums are now back online, and hopefully the same will be true of other services like our wiki in the next few days.


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The Basin is Back!

Istari said:
Hello everyone,

It has been far too long since the server incidents occurred that crippled us so for those of you that have been patient and are coming back, thank you.For those of you that are new to our community welcome!

There is stilla lotof work to be done to bring the rest of the applications online 100% and test everything to make sure it is working correctly with each other. Teep should be able to start getting the new forums skin working now as well; and we are working to bring WeaselTech, the Basin Wiki, and all other services back online as soon as we are able to do so.

We thank you for your continued patience as we recover from this tragedy of modern computing.

Thank you,


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i was there last night checking out some older threads and 4 out of 5 i tried to open were still missing. :(


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We're still there and almost all our content should still be there (our wiki is still offline, but hopefully not for much longer), although some developments over the past couple of years may have made it harder to access.

Back in June 2014, our Diablo II board was the last to be merged with the main Amazon Basin board, where it can now be found here:

Unfortunately, the merger of the two databases means that all topics and posts now have new numbers, which means older links no longer work. However, the old Diablo II board was archived and made read-only, which should have kept links working and allowed me to update links in most of our forums last year (I managed to do so in all except D2 General and D2 Technical, although links in pinned topics were updated).

However, after the server maintenance in January our archived Diablo II board was not put back online, it has remained offline ever since and I've been informed this will almost certainly remain the case. Thus old links will no longer work, so unless you have additional information (topic title, author, date or subject) it may be difficult, if not impossible, to find the current topic or post in our active Diablo II forum (unfortunately, you cannot retrieve links to topics or posts using the Internet Archive, although you might be able to do so for links to other pages of ours).

Fortunately, last year I also searched these and a few other Diablo II forums for old links to our archived Diablo II forums and compiled a list of corresponding links to our active Diablo II forums, so I might be able to provide valid links for those you weren't able to open if you post them below or in a PM (or fix them if I'm misunderstanding and you found dead links in our active forums, for which I'm currently an administrator).