Amazon pvp


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Amazon pvp

Hey yall..I know that javazon and bowzon are some of best pvpers...but i dont want those..they are gay and shoot run and gets boring and annoying...

Im thinking about true skill lol
Spear zon
20 jab
1 fend
20 into each dodge type skill
This equals about 40 skill points
then 10 crit strike
20 penetrate for atk rating
and then rest into crit strike
I know crit strike and one point gets 1% a skill actually..mayby ill just get valk to about lvl 18 with skill bonuses
and then rest into crit strike
every % is able to help
Hows this sound?
Then for a weapon a ebotd matri spear?


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Come on guys, I need the help of a life time..joking lol
I'd appreciate verry much any help.


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build of true skill...

stand and hope mouse button?

- you will get wrecked by all casters and yeah thats everyone.

there is not one character class that does not have an advantage over you.


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jab with a good spear demolishes ppl in low level duels though...might wanna try that instead of hi duels :)


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If someone made an uncoventional builds league it might work, Cookie cutters will crush you.