Amazon gear - your suggestions?


Amazon gear - your suggestions?

I'm building a Mageazon as I previously posted in my own little quest for level 99. I was just wondering what you guys thought would be the most potential gear for this build? The skills I'm using are as follows: (stats will vary according to equipment)

15 Immolation arrow
10 Exploding arrow
10 Fire arrow
15 Freezing arrow
10 cold arrow
20 Valkyrie
6 Pierce
1 into all pre-reqs
(and possibley all else into ice arrow to balance the cold damage out?)

I have alot of really nice items to trade (I seem to think anyways) so don't be stingy on equipment, what do you think would be best?


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Mageazon is kind of slow Baal runner IMHO. It's not worth the try to make her 99.

I am not very skilled with twinked Bowazons, so I can only direct you to Amazon forum. Check the build sticky there.

EDIT and your skill allocation is very bad, you need to max your primary attack (to maximize killpower) and have weaker secondary attack. If you really want to try lvl 99, I would go with FA/CA maxed, because the most of the Baal's minions are Fire immune.


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Leveling a magezon to 99 is a HUGE challenge (I have magezon Matriarch so I think I know what I am talking about :))

I would max FA, CA and Immolation Arrow. The rest depends on your gear. I recommend having lvl 17 Valk after +skills, you need to spend as much points as possible in fire skill synergies to make them effective. As for belt, Razortail is nice choice because of 33% pierce it gives. If you decide to use it, lvl 9 Pierce after +skills is enough for 100% piercing attack. Everything else should be spent in Exploding Arrow and Fire Arrow to synergize your main fire attack (=Immolation Arrow). Points in Ice Arrow are waste, the freeze length bonus is low. You can increase the freeze length of FA by wearing items with cold damage (Raven Frost, cold dmg sc's, The Eye of Etlich...), which is most more effective (it saves lots of skillpoints too :))

So the skill setup looks like this (assuming you have +8 to all skills from gear and Razortail):

20 FA
20 CA
20 IA
20 EA
1 Pierce
9 Valk

1 in all pre-reqs

That would be done at lvl 91, after that put all points in Fire Arrow to synergize fire skills

Im not sure if you are going to leech the mana needed or if you try to build huge mana pool and rely on mana regeneration. Just remember, amazons fire and cold skills are bugged, the AR bonuses granted by those skills don't work, which makes leeching quite difficult. Potions are one option, it can be quite tedious to run out of mana all the time though

Also, this build has one big problem if you are going to try to level high: no fast way to kill Baal


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I don't have a character over **, and I have never built a Magezon, so why do I think I can give any advice?

As far as I understand it, there are two suggestions for how to deal with mana issues. One is to leech it all back, so emphasize damage and leech, and the other is to have a large mana pool and high regen rate.

As far as skills, I would suggest no more than 1 pt in ice arrow - the boost in freeze time is all it gives FA, and its so small as to be irrelevant. Use charms, Mav's gloes, ravenfrost. Get FA to 13 with +skills and put the rest in CA, because at that point the synergy gives as much damage as the actual skill. On the fire side, I have not tried it but everyone I have talked to hates the immo timer. Still, a quick look at the skills shows that at slvl 16/15 with +skills, fire arrow synergy would be the way to go as it adds at least as much fire damage, and it synergizes both.

Oh, and you will need either ITD or a fair number of points in penetrate - the AR boost that is supposed to come with the elemental arrows is bugged (only works with melee?) so do not believe the LCS. This is going to stretch the skills tightly, so maybe a BA merc is the way to go.

As for a bow, one possibility is to switch back and forth from a fire bow and a cold bow. Damage doesn't seem so important except for leech, as yo are mostly elemental. Kuko is a great bow that also has 50% pierce already on it, in addition to +fire arrow skills. Some people have suggested a Hand of Justice bow for a firezon, so you might want to look into it if you are rich. Wizendraw has +mana and -enemy cold resistance, which is great for the cold arrow.

Oh, and ignore all of the above and check out the amazonbasin - they have a stickie and several threads on magezons that should be much more helpful than the above.

Good luck,


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I made a fireazon with strafe as a backup skill. I fully maxed all three fire skills, but I honestly think that the 20 points in Immolation Arrow were the biggest waste of points I've ever had. Exploding Arrow was the main fire skill I used, and IA doesn't synergize either Fire or Exploding Arrow. The next time I use fire with a zon, I'll leave off the Immolation, the delay was just too much for me to justify 20 points again, when I can spam EA all day long.