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First is shield choice. Spirit, Sanctuary, Stormshield, or Phoenix. I hear the first three mentioned a lot for Javazons, but I've always loved the Redemption aura on Phoenix, plus it helps in Nilly runs without that unique ring (nature's peace or something). I understand a lot come to personal preference, but am I missing a lot going phoenix that i dont get with one of the other shields? I can cover most resists cuz I don't like Enigma on my Zon and I can go for Fortitude or CoH. I like the pierce on Razortail over the skillers on Tgod's. Since I'm gonna MF a lot with this (i might go Enigma anyway just for the MF) i'll have war travs and shako, (no griffs). Lastly, how do I deal with LI's in hell? I haven't gotten to putting points in Valk yet (need one or two more levels) and my merc has a shitty Insight i threw together and dies too fast. the only thing i can think of is to (keep in mind im using Plugy in SP) go to town and respec as a poison zon, (i hit about 8k over 10 seconds) however this is tedious and im often finding LI's and PI's together.