Amazing Claw?


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Amazing Claw?

I saw this claw in the trade channels (EaHCL) the other night (actually from a person who frequents this site) and thought it was amazingly good...

Runic Talon (white)
+3 Mind Blast
+3 Venom
+3 Death Sentry

Now to me that just screams "CHAOS" for a MA-sin, but several other assassins I talked to said it was a decent or mediocre claw only. Am I missing something here? I would have valued that claw in the high rune area (Ohm+ ) because of the skills. I play entirely PvE and don't do any PvP outside of low level Ironman fun but I would have thought that the claw would virtually be a PvP assassins dream, especially one that uses Venom. The other assassins I talked to said the claw would *maybe* be worth Um+ to Mal.

Am I off my rocker?


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i always thought the max +skills on a claw is 8 (+3 to x, +3 to y +2 to z)...

that's indeed a very godlike weapon...:)


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The reason why people would not like that is most likely the repair cost. Not only is it full of 30+skills, its more than just +1 to that skill.

Also, imo, a more effective claw for a pure ww sin would be +1 mb +1 df +3 venom. That would cut down on the repair cost alot, while saving skill pts in the kicking tree. top that, i think using prebuff claws {2x +3shadow/+3 venom} to cast venom and then using +3claw master/+3 weapon block/+1 df chaos would be the top of the line. I think df can spawn with claw mastery...the skill tirs for +skill spawning might be too far apart although.


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well the DF is not that useful it is for tele so the +2 extra not much of use
the +3 venom is even more uselus to me as most pple with good ww-sin do prebuffing with +3 shadow claws
the +3 DS is not bad but i would prefer a claw with:
+1-3 WOF
+1-3 claw block
+1-3 DF

this would be good claws


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I just noticed you are HCL, not sure how different HC is from SC, so I'm making the disclaimer that my advice is based on USEast SCNL.

+3 venom is useless if prebuff is allowed. On USEast SCNL, prebuff is not allowed among top assassins, and +3 venom Feral claws and Runic talons are worth a lot. Add on +3 MB to that as well, and these claws would be worth a godly amount.

DFlight is nice to have on claws, but +3 MB is better IMO. It is the best skill to look for on claws besides venom. All DFlight does is save you 4 skill points. This means your Shadow Master will be 4 levels higher... big deal. The same goes for claw block on a claw; all it does is save you skill points and therefore increase your Shadow Master level. Having your mindblast 3 levels higher is much more helpful than extra levels of Shadow Master.