Am I the only one?


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Am I the only one?

I find myself constantly typing a reply to posts then not clicking the 'reply' button. Four times so far this evening I have done this. Some of the reasons for my wasted time:

1)My answer would not be taken as well as was intended

B) After re-reading, my answer was really lame

Next) My answer seemed brilliant but what do I know?

5) My answer was definately brilliant but I forgot what it was while I was typing it. All attempts fail to recall the amazing concept so I slap the side of my head and hit the 'go back' button.

Delta) Seems witty at the time but I pass out before hitting the 'reply' button and wake up to note how the post made me sound like a pervert that uses pantyhose for sock puppets.

Am I alone here?


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i do it all the time. Usually I'll change my mind and decide that posting it wasn't really worth, the extra post would have been better spent elsewhere... :shocked:


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answer B fits me.
sometimes ill write a post and then I'll realize that infact its kinda stupid/pointless.


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Sometimes I type out a reply, then decide 'that might get me in trouble' so I don't post.

I save those posts for the WoW realm forums, unmoderated.


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I just punch it in and send it! I see absolutely no problems in my posts!

Then I spend the next 90 minutes making "minor" reparations the post's tone and language.

You're the lucky one.

Yes, I will be fixing this post too for the next 90 minutes. It's sad.


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Sometimes I take so long to reply that I usually find that someone else has already said what I wanted to, so I stop.


Evil Conservative Inc said:
Freet forgot his Alzheimers medicine again!
Everyone who posted before me is senile. Stop filling the pepper shaker with lead flakes and spiking the punch bowl with mercury.


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Obviously, this never happens to me.

I think I've thought better of maybe three posts in my entire time here. And two of those were after I'd posted them (and I don't believe in the edit-post destructo option, if some people have seen it everyone might as well).