Am I Smiling?....


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i got 18 out of 20.. and shoulda been 19, i picked genuine because i didn't think they'd have that many fake in a row ;p

real way to tell any person's true emotion is their eyes.


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That was the single most frightening thing that I have ever had the missfortune of looking at. I mean really, Its like they all know something you dont... maybe im just paranoid
That is the single worst way of judging. According to the videos, everyone was smiling, so for it to be considered fake, they would of had to digitally put a smile onto their faces. The person would have stood there, straight faced, while some tech-geek makes their lips curl up. I doubt they took that much time, so I'd have to say every smile on there was genuine.


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All the smiles were "Real", but some were forced and some were natural. That was the whole point.


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I got 16. A lot better than I thought I would do.

All my misses were people with fake smiles I thought were real. That means I´m way to trusting I guess.