Am I missing something or is this site totally dead?


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I came here to see if anyone had asked this question. Yah, really weird that not even the official quarterly update made the homepage.


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I think site's like this lived through the community, and importantly their trading community which brought players a reason to be here. D3 ended trading communities, and this wasn't the only site that went down in membership and visitors. It will all depend on how D4 items & trading works, if it is similar to D2 then I imagine this site will become very much alive.

*ignoring BOA with D3, I can't think of any item I ever would even waste time trying to trade. I fear D4 may become more similar to D3 than D2.


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I came here to see if anyone had asked this question
Same. I have never ever visited these forums, but the complete lack of updates made me come here.
Imma bit sad to say the least, loved the site. Maybe get some enthusiastic fans on board, surely someone would post a few articles a month without any pay, just for the love of the franchise.


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D3 ended trading communities
I think it's fair to say D3 (or Blizzard, if you want to be more honest) killed Diablo in general. The RoS upgrades and eventual course-correction came in too little and too late to expand its longevity, and while it's clear that in the past couple of years whoever was left maintaining it actually cared, it matters little when the company doesn't. Even if the nightmarish "original" D4 leaks weren't true, it was obvious the Blizzcon presentation was practically a skeleton of a game, and like many other game releases nowadays, it will be Flavor of the Month and then forgotten shortly after release. Blizzard ruined Starcraft and Warcraft as well.


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D4 is nothing more than D3 reskinned with some mild changes. Which, in the eyes of an avid D2 player, means no fun.


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Hadn't logged in here in.. a decade? more?
Came for the d2 remaster news
remembered my user/pass anyway.