Am I crazy for cubing runes?

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Am I crazy for cubing runes?

I have the hardest time finding really high lvl runes. and always seem to get lem runes on hell hellforge.

So I do nm/hell countess runs, keep every rune I find above nef, trade noob items for tal and ral runes and cube it all up. I leave one rune of each on another character for posterity.

Is it really stupid to do this? It's hard enough trying to trade, but trying to trade away mid runes to get higher ones would suck all the life out of me.


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Cube for the common good

Cube away, I say, but for a purely selfish motive. If everyone cubes a little, hopefully the number of good runes and good rune word items in circulation will bring the trading price down :)

I'm like you. I've been playing 3 years and all my good runes have come from the hellforge, and nothing better than a Lem, maybe 1 pul. Then a month ago a Lum dropped from some gimp in the outer cloister in Hell. Not much better, so don't feel bad about never finding good runes.

Personally, I've decided to cube thuls and nothing lower (unless I need a low lvl rune), because it's not too far from shael, and I'm still poor enough to get excited by a Dol. But worrying about keeping all those little gems in stock is a pain, so I'm thinking about just transmuting from Io upwards. Why Io? Because its close enough to Ko for my patience. I still see people desperate for a Ko every once in a while, so I can get a decent trade off a fire sale.

I'm also curious to know if anyone out there has found cubing to be good, or any methods that have been useful for getting better rune yields.


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I am much that same as labyrinth i do hell countess daily and i cube cube cube!! Its the only way i can get decent runes. Plus if you stick to it youll end up having runes like ist and vex etc... I have recentley cubed 2 ists a vex gul 4 ums etc down the line.
Rem it takes patience cuz when youve cubed youre 150 thul and have nothing but a fal or ko for youre efforts it can be disheartning. Just rem to cube cube cube:D


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I disagree with too much cubing. You will be better off trading to get higher runes. For example a ist and 2 ums should be more than enough to get a gul.