[Build] Alternative 1.0.3 Build


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Hey guys,

As we all got a bit nerfed with our Builds in fact of the ias nerf, we also had to get a bug with our beloved Zombie Bears. In my oppinion there just unusable in 1.0.3.
So i decided to try a new Build and i think it really works out.

LM: Corpse Spiders - Medusa Spiders
RM: Spirit Barrage - Phantasm
1: Grasp of the Dead - Unbreakbale Grasp
2: Wall of Zombies - Unrelenting Grasp
3: Spirit Walk - Honored Guest
4: Mass Confusion - Mass Hysteria

Pierce of the Veil
Spirit Vessel
Jungle Fortitude

39k Hp
29k Dps (including the 20% Pierce Buff)
600-700 resis
11%+ Spirit Barrage on offhand

With the very high amount of slow, you can easily get the 3-stack Phantasm uppon an area and your dps works out very good. Its not comparable with our cookie cutters or zb/vq builds, but actually its the most efficient way to make use of your dmg without ias. The Medusa Spiders and your 2 other slows make kiting very easy and let you get your saferange as far as needed very quickly. I cleared yesterday act2 and act3 with this build as easy as with my zb/vq, splinter or bat/vq build and its an interessting alternative.

Any suggestions?


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Good luck with Phantasm and Pierce the Veil without either Rush of Essence or Vision Quest. Loose the other two passives and choose those and it might work.

It is way better imo to stack +armor rating and res all instead of using defensive passives.


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I've been seeing some builds on the official forums using spiders and I am kinda interested in revisiting that skill for an Inferno build, maybe I'll give this one a try. I agree however that having PtV and Phantasm is asking to never have mana without VQ or RoE. Probably best to ditch PtV for either Attunement or Ritual. However, I have never swapped out Fortitude and Vessel and disagree that defensive passives are a waste. I can't tell you how many times my repair bill has been much much less due to having that "extra life".


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Therefor you got Honored Guest in Situations u got near 0 mana. U stack up Phantasm 3 Times and than you normaly reg mana. I got on my items +21manareg and i got no problems with mana cause of PTV.