Alternate build Zookeeper


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Alternate build Zookeeper

Stats Rs max
SM max
RSM max
rest summoning tree 1 point
all curse tree 1 point

i wear maras
arm of king leo
trangs gloves
and 8 summoning skilders

so i got 17 skells with 1359 life and 750 dam
17 mage with 800life and a hell of elem. dam
and revives but i never use them too much lag

i make easy baal diablo in a 8 ppl hell game and its the most powerful build i tried in 1.10 you never die and you can lvl easy
the only 2 problems are
1 lag
2 to find the gear i wear

PS you need a act2 might merc baal goes down in 3 min in a 8ppls game and diablo in 1

Regards and plz comment with suggestions and fixes thoughts

PS2 My necro is now 87l

Mad Mantis

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Looks like a standard Overlord. The only thing I would add on the skill distribution is a point in Bone Armor. Just in case.


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How is this alternate? :lol:

bone armor is quite nice, I'm maxing bonewall with my new ladder skellimancer.

Damn slingers made me do it!


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Didnt read that there was a similar build :)
anyway the only thing that can kill you are those glooms especially if they are in large groups like in worldstone l2 but then again i cast always dim vision