Alright figured it out!!!!


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Alright figured it out!!!!

okay my bowazon is level 90 now!(pvm only base vitality)


8ml wf(shael)
perfect kiras(40/15)
perfect ap fort
Atmas Scarab
Nos coil 6 ll
War Travs
19/15/5 anni
4 3/20/20
8 3/20 3 frw
4 3/20/ 2 dex

6 bo cta

Faith(14 fanat)
Bramble(20 thorns)
Andys visage(ral)

She is godly now, unbelievale dmg and unbelivble survivability!

I tried pvp, and i saw a thread on this forum saying wf>faith.... i got my hands on a perfect 2/2 15 fanat gmb and i found that gmb better becuase much better ar. even though you only use ga most the time with multishot on i hit everything and nothing gets in my way. ONly redeming factor of wf in pvp is backup i owned many barbs this way that were using dual ebotd cbs, so i figured out what i need to do! LEVEL MORE! AT 99 ILL BE UNSTOPABLE WITH THIS CHAR BECUSAE ILL HAVE STRONG VALK TANK AND ILL HAVE A UNBEATAABLE ZON

Thanks for suggestions thouhg. i tried a 120/45 helm and the added power wasnt worth the loss of resits so im going to stick with my kiras,,, however during baal runs, i do put on a blackthorns mask(40/15) becsue of black souls and now she never dies!

THanks again hope this helps any body!!

im east ladder if anyone wants to play char name is Cyk_Wf


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using fanatism level 14 from mercenary. You only need 48% total ias for your actual breakpoint with guided arrwo/ multy. Only 35% ias is required for strafe breakpoint you have now.

So unless you upgrade the ias from 855 to 95% you should always lower it and use some other gears.

I assume you should ohm the wf if you choose to stay at this ias breakpoint.