Almost got pissed at ATMA


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Almost got pissed at ATMA

Well today I decided to do some number crunching for my light sorc and I came to the conlusion that I need to make a crescent moon for it. I open up ATMA and put an Um, Shael, Tir a second lidless wall (1 for each weapon switch) and a 3os Crystal sword into my inventory.

Then, I alt-tabed back into Diablo. I realized that I had forgotten to exit the charachter before putting the stuff in in ATMA. So I exited Diablo. I accidentaly do this all the time, so I know that when ATMA asks you wheter you want to reload the file you need to say no. This time though, my fingers decided to misbehave and clicked yes. :rant:

Needless to say I was incredibly pissed. I had just lost my only Um and all that number crunching was for nothing. Then I remembered. I just reformatted my computer this week! I haven't had a chance to play much since Diablo was reinstalled. I didn't find any grail items and my sorc had only grown 1 level. I was saved. :cloud9: I quickly pulled out my USB key and reverted back to my old files. Ok, so my sorc lost a level (yea... that was all I had time for this week) but who cares. Now I have a shiney new toy to play with. :grin::jig:

Crescent Moon
Crystal Sword
One-Hand Damage: 15 to 47
Durability: 16 of 20
Required Strength: 43
Required Level: 47
Sword Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 16
Fingerprint: 0x822ddb92
+215% Enhanced Damage
20% Increased Attack Speed
Ignore Target Defense
25% Chance of Open Wounds
+2 to Mana After Each Kill
+9 Magic Absorb <--- Worst roll but who cares, I was able to make it!
10% Chance to cast Level 17 Chain Lightning on striking
7% Chance to cast Level 13 Static Field on striking
Level 18 Summon Spirit Wolf (30/30 Charges)
-35% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
Socketed (3: 3 used)

The diablo gods know the true meaning of irony.
On the first run with my crescent moon.


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I did something similar not too long ago. You could as well have used the backup-files ATMA creates of your characters and stashes. :smiley:


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Where are these backup files? I see that I have the autobackup clicked, but I don't see where the files are saved to load them up.


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In the same folder as the file you save. I.e.



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So you almost blamed ATMA for your own mistake? Isn't that like blaming your broken car on the manufacturer even though you hadn't checked the oil in a couple of years? :tongue:

*goes to check his oil*

Nevertheless, I admit to making silly mistakes too. Like accidentally socketing things when moving them around my inventory in game - I've done that about 14 times now. Baah!


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Just on an OT note... sirpoopsalot.. someone recently joined cboard (a C/C++/C# programming site) with the name mrsirpoopsalot I asked if it was you and he didn't know what the SPF was but I still found it kinda interesting.


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hmmm, I used to be a programmer, so maybe it's my evil clone. If he writes crappy code and talks about skiing all the time, it's definitely me/him... don't believe anything he says.


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i've lost my +2 fire +life +res circlet ant an amu with appr. the same stats in your way. man, i kept them for my melee-sorc...