Allow me to re-introduce myself


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Allow me to re-introduce myself

Hello Everyone.

It's been quite a while since I've posted so I thought I'd re-introduce myself. I've been around here for about a year and still lurk regularly at work. I've just moved into a new house in NY and just got Cable and phone and internet and stuff working just a couple of days ago.

I've been playing this game on and off for about 2 years, but until last summer I was playing D2C. I have a level 90 Frenzy Barb named smithy who is my MFer and a level 50 twinked Bowazon named Glenowin that is ripping though at p8. Oh, and I should mention, I'm still on 1.09 and planning on staying there. I have 104 items left for the 1.09 SF grail and am still shooting for it, altought with the new house and 2 kids, I don't really get enought time to play. Just the other day, while the cable guys were doing there install, I found my first SOJ and I must say, I was psyched!

Anyway, I feel I know who most of you guys are (since I've been lurking) and I just wanted to say hi again. Maybe you remember me. I used to try to post in the daily and you'll see me there again when I get online.


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Hi, so you think you know me hunh....then tell me whats my favourite color betcha you don't know :lol:

But seriously welcome even though you have already been here a while it seems. :howdy::howdy:

Shameful advertisement: If ever you come upon some high end runes in 1.09, particularly sur and ohm drop me a PM since I'm desperatly in need of them and few play 1.09 anymore :innocent:


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Hi!, ive been lurking here for a while too, but i only just registered recently. I am addicted to finding Set items, and i dont know why!


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Hello, welcome back to the forums :howdy:

We knew you'd come crawling back... :lol:


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Hi, TenYearsGone. I remember the name. :) Hey, congrats
on finding The Stone of Jordan. I enjoyed 1.09 - it's quite a fun
patch. So who do you MF run? Have you left Meph for Pindle yet?
Last of all, welcome back.


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Thanks for the warm welcome back.

Spook - I'm sure you said your favourite colour is, uh, uh, uh - you said green. I'm sure you did. As for the high level runes, I'm probably not much help. My best is a Pul from the chest behind Meph. And that seems like ages ago that I found that one.

SideShow Bob - I had finally gotten the elusive, and much talked about Stone. That was sweet. I now have all rings but am missing quite a few ammy's. As for my MF'er, Smithy is a lvl 90 Frenzy barb usually yielding dual lightsabers, unless I'm doing Meph runs, which I do on P8 for the extra XP. I've given up on him lately and have been concentrating on Baal. Pindles never given me anything. He has about 400 MF on the switch (I've yet to find an Ist to put in the baba's but then again, I never run the countess). The best items I've found have been a Nat's Mark (baal - I think) and a Diadem (Eldrich). I'd really like to find the GF to upgrade my sword, but then again a Windy would like nice on my Bowazon.

Edit - Smiley didn't work!


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Those are nice finds. I understand... Pindle can be stingy.
I never found a GF in 1.09 myself. I racked one in 1.07
and Pindle finally dropped me one in 1.10 a few weeks ago.
It only took what 15 months of runs to get that first GF out
of Pindle (I'm still waiting for a WF, but I won't hold my
breath :lol: ). Baal is an erratic dropper, but more interesting
as a run in 1.09. In 1.10, Baal drops well but he is tough to
get to with random spawns of OKs in the WSK. Did I mention
how much I still like 1.09? :D


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Hi ya TenYearsGone... glad to see another 1.09 player around, there is dammm few of us left.... good to have you back. ihope to see ya in a mp game sometime... later.
NSZ :bow:


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hmm I don't think I've been here long enough to remember you, afterall if you've been gone ten years...*grins*

Aaanyway, welcome back to the forums :)


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Welcome back to the forum. :clap: Actually, once you joined you could never leave! I mean it! We'll slowely draw you back.

Takis (El_Greco)


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Welcome back!

*attaches TenYearsGone to another bar chair with another length of chain*