Allocating stats ponts


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Allocating stats ponts

Hi all,

I only play HC. Therefor I'm having a hard time deciding where to allocate 50 skills points that I had saved and even at my current lvl 57 I still don't know.

My choices for stats points are actually pretty reduced. Yet I can't decide.

I don't care about Dextery. I'm a summoner, with a strong Bone Armor. There's nothing so far that had passed my thick wall of minion and armor. I'm in act 4 NM. The only thing that hurts me are magical attacks and there's nothing dex can do about this.

Energy. Base. doing good thank you lol

So that leaves us STR and VIT.

My current base STR is at 83.
Current VIT: 160ish somthing totally forgot is the only stat I kept pouring points into it.

I play 100% untwinked, I have no idea what high end gear I'll end up with.
I doubt I'll end up with Enigma or stuff like that. I also have my doubts about having access to BO. I'll be happy to find a Homunculus one day.

And the fact that I play HC only I can't just waste points into STR when those will be badly needed once I hit Hell Difficulty.
But what if I'm lucky and find some necro armor requiring 120 STR or something.

What should I do with my currently remaining 50 stats pts.


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I think in your case it might be better to actually not spend them right now. If you're not having any problems with how much hp you have or how much str you have right now it's not a bad thing to save statpoints for later.
That might save you from putting them in a stat you'll regret later when you do find that piece of armor. :)


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Yeah the wait and see option sounds good for now but I'm already in act 4 NM - and well I feel that I wouldn't mind some more VIT.

It was during my crossing on Black Marsh in act 3 when I bumped into a Gloam Boss Pack that fried 3/4 of my life in a couple shot (lightning resist is at 67% atm) at that moment I was about to put all those 50pts into VIT lol

Was reading a couple guides and so far I'm considering getting 97 STR hard points to be able to wear Naj's Plate, Skulders' Ire or War Travelers.

Do a Necro ever need anything above let say 100 Hard STR points?