Allocate Stat points for my Fury Druid


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Allocate Stat points for my Fury Druid

Hi all, first post.

I was wondering if some veteran druid players could help me distribute my stat points.

Here is my situation, I'm level 50, 10 saved skill points with 1 in werewolf 20 in lycopanthy 1 in feral rage 1 in rabies 20 in fury and I have not spent 1 stat point yet. I have 250 saved stat points and was wondering what are peoples suggestions from where i put my stat points and if you would be so kind why I should put them there, Thanks


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depends on your purpose of your werewolf, if u are making a titan pump str for damage.

most pvp wolfies put str jus enough to equip ur item
dex until max block
all the rest to vit


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at lvl 99,44 lvls in strength,55 in vitality.......the rest stat points in vit(15 from quests or something like this).......for a 2h damage dealer.........mainly for pvm..........for pvp take from strength and put into dex to max block..........the remainig skills should go to rabbies and poison creeper and then a spirit,for pvp,and oak sage/werewolf for pvm.......this is how i would make my pvp/pvm ss druid