All that glitters is Gold


Clan Officer - US East Hardcore
So I came upon a rather fun and powerful build on accident and thought I would share with everyone. I had a decked out Pet Dr that deeded and quickly threw another one together and after many tries to remake my old WD and never finding the items I needed I finally settled on a new build.The Build requires a couple specific items but Im sure can be mixed and matched for personal preference. I also have to say is this build is worthless in Grifts as gold does not fall, but general purpose clearing, Rifting, PL'ing, etc it really shines..

The 2 items required to make it work are as follows -
Boon of the Hoarder - level 25 =62.5% chance on killing an enemy to cause an explosion of gold.
Goldwrap - On Gold pickup,gain armor for 5 seconds =TO THE AMOUNT OF GOLD PICKED UP

Yep thats it. These 2 items can turn a normally Low Toughness Build into an incredible tanky build.

I finally got around to leveling up a Boon of the Hoarer to level 25 and was using it on my newest Pet Dr when a fallen comrade needed a PL back to 70. I could gain plenty of gold and then I found a Goldwrap and remembered reading about this combination a while back. So I cant say I created this combo or anything but I couldn't find any info on it and after play testing it a few days now have found it to be incredibly fun. I can easily navigate T6, have seen my toughness peak at 8.9 Billion. The more gold that falls the tougher you become so I maxed The Gold Find Paragon skill as well. Arcane -lol, Desecrater-nice try, Molten-haha!!!! Ive stood in all of these and never take a scratch. You are a bit vulnerable in the beginning of a fight until the gold starts falling BUT that's why we use Spirit Walk/Jaunt. Once the Gold starts falling you become THE NEPHALEM and are nearly invincible. Im still leary of Frozen enchanted though but again as long as I have Spirit walk ready its not that bad. I make liberal use of Spirit Walk to be even more on the safe side as I only play HC.. <--- this is the build Im using and I don't even have BIS items. Im using a fire variant and Im sure it could be used with any spec desired. I also decided to use 2 pieces of Augs and Blackthorns for more Elite Dps and Dr. So I would say give it a try if you are bored or want to try something different, its quikly become one of my favorite builds...
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