all skill bowazon. Immo question


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all skill bowazon. Immo question


I have gotten the idea to make an all skill staver. One using strave mainly and with freezing arrow and immolation arrow as back up. I plan on using a harmony bow, cause I can afford it and I have a Kuko Shakaku.

Now I want to be using immolation arrow as well, and I want to use it for the firewall damage. Not for the splashdamage. This way I can hurt monsters with fire damage while straving. So currently, I think about maxing immolation arrow and fire arrow. This will improve the wall damage and give a me perfect PI killer, fire arrow.

Now come the questions.
Can i get the firewall damage up by using firecharms? I'll check it my self when I find one.
What should I socket in the Kuko Shakaku? If the fire damage doesn't spread down, The i'd better go for speed. On the other hand, if it's not my main skill and not my main bow, do I need the little bit of extra speed. On the other hand, what are my other options? Factes are out of my range, so resist, life?
I don't like the fact that I'll need to spend 40 points to make immo decend, though it would give me a good way to kill PI, anyone has idea's to help out. I want to max out valk and decoy, I die a lot and want to play it base life. So I need good tanks. I'll be using shako( um'ed) probably, so that'll help, but still.
What do you think about a one point stave as main skill and hope the + skills will cut it, same for pierce with razortails?
for the merc, I'll go for a holy freeze one.
passive and magic skillers, or bow and crossbow?
The idea was to go and 'milk' flayers in the jungle, for the gems, but I don't think immo will help at all. So I need some places that are interested and will serve my immolation arrow. Sadly I can't think of any.
Hell vaible? Not that i'll stop me, just to know what I'm up against.


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- Dont socket the Kuko, just play with it while u get gems, u can buy for some pgems a Lycander's Aim, which will make u happier. Even a Buriza-Do Kyanon will make u happy and can also be bought for pgems. I gave once the Kuko for free.
- Try your fire bowzon, u can also try different bowzons later.
- Razortails are not that good for bowzons, they only give u a 33% chance of pierce, put one skill point in pierce and get a better belt. I got for 6 pgmes a Nosferatu's Coil, really nice belt for strafe bowzons.
- get the skillers u can, also get elemental resistance, just play.
- Play and ull find how good are u for hell.


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Or perhaps not? According to the characterscreen, the fire damage I have extra does get added to the burning damage. I'm talking about the red numbers underneath the normal damage. They change.
Anyway, is there anyone that can confirm that it realy is added, and that it is not an other lie, of the char screen. And has anyone ever tried this with a max enchant sorcerer. 2k extra burning damage per second, in maggoth lair, not bad.

So I might change to Lava Gout. Enchant (with nice ar, will put just one point in penetrate), half freeze duration, 20% IAS and fire res.

P.S. Sorry for the digging up. Yet I would like to have some more oppinions, certainly on what Gauss sad.


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You die alot? If you FA alot, then you shouldn't.
Firewall damage is not affected by gears, fire damage from gears are applied only upon a physical impact (when arrow/weapon hits the monster).
Immolation Arrow has a huge 1 sec cooldown, it may not even bring down a monster's life regen. Explosion Arrow can do a lot more damage since it can be fired continuously and does splash damage to all nearby.


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- Razortails are not that good for bowzons, they only give u a 33% chance of pierce, put one skill point in pierce and get a better belt.
Razortail is the best belt for a PvM amazon, Java and Bowazon. Use the belt and have 9 pts in Pierceskill(after +skills), this gives you 100% Piercing. You will see the difference.