All dressed up...


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All dressed up...

Hey all.

So here is my problem. I've got lots of big hurty weapons. You know, Windhammer, Etherial Edge (x5 or so), Tomb Reaver, Arioc's Needle, etc. I'm sure you've seen the nice damage on these. Question is... what kind of chr should I make to wield 'em?

I was thinking werebear... but I always get discouraged that I never actually get to SEE the weapons in action, he's always just the bear. Barb would sound good, but what kind of barb would I make? (I don't really play barbs. I've patted one in all my time with diablo). Seems like Berzerkers would Die in solo hell, and nothing else would make good use of the damage...

Opinions, hecklings, snide remarks?


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OMG J00 R N00B!!!!!!!

just kidding mate.

Ariocs makes a great melee/summomancer hybrid.

zerker barbs can use warcry for stun to keep themselves alive. good choice :D


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If you like to see the weapon, guess bear and wolf are out. Only conventional char I can think of is a ww barb and concentrate barb. Unconventional there is the leaper barb, polearm necro, big stick enchant sorc, charger paladin, two handed zealot etc.

Crazy Runner Guy

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Windhammer: WW barb, other wise it's not that great.
Etherial Edge: There are better options out there than this weapon, but again, a druid could use it, however, there are better and more easily attainable combinations (IK set minus helm and armor, for example)
Tomb Reaver: This is a great druid weapon with some more IAS.
Arioc's Needle: I'm not too sure where I would put this weapon. It's not worth a WW barb (not enough range), and druids are slow with spears, maybe a two handed zealot? I'm not sure, as I have never used one.



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Make a Titan Barb with berzerk! I have made one, the damage is INSANE, but you die real easy, but I think it is fun anyway. Or you could use Whirlwind, that would be safer.

I also don't care for wearbears because of the lame look. :rolleyes:


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It's not so much I think they're lame, they just never change. Same toon, all the time. I wish if you put like, different classes of armor on them (light, heavy, etc) that it would change the toon a bit. That would be something atleast.


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Well, if you're interested in just seeing the char use the weapon, go with

Titansorc(enchantress), Titanzon(tankazon), Titannecro(melemancer), Titansin(maulsin) :)


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Derrick1001 said:
You know... This has got me thinking a very important fact. I've NEVER patted a druid.

I've never had enough patience to get a druid past level 15 or so. They don't amuse me very much early on like other classes do.