ALERT - Strange HC death


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ALERT HACK or BUG ? - Strange HC death

Hi all, this is a report of something very frightening.

An hour ago, a friend of mine died in HC on Europe under the following cirumstances :

1) He was in Harrogath, in town near his stash, in nightmare. Something to notice is that it was a lvl 70 Necromancer with awesome stuff (SoJ, Enigma, max block, max resists, high DR%).

2) He then lost the connection.

3) He had then two "connec failed" trying to join two different games.

4) He then decided to reset his computer.

5) He loggued on back, and his necromancer was dead.

I can see only four ways that happened, and one seems impossible :

a) He laggued, and got out of town without noticing it, where the monsters killed him. This seems impossible when you think about how Harrogath is disposed. Even with getting out of town, I can't believe that Nightmare monsters could have killed him so fast with his stuff and the high level act5 mercenary (well equipped also), and the iron golem nearby.

b) A new kind of bug that kills you in town. Errrrk. Does anyone has reports on that ?

c) A new hack allowing to kill someone in town. Errrrrrrrrrrk. Even worse. Feedback anyone ?

d) Now the worst scenario. Someone with maphack notices he's wearing an awesome stuff, and manages to log with his character. He then steals the equipment (that would explain the connection loss and the impossibility to connect to the next two following game, when you try to log the same char on two different computers, it is what actually happens). In order to erase traces, he then kills the character.

Please, if anyone had such bad experience, report it here and to blizz. My friend will very likely stop playing D2, for loosing in HC two SoJ, an Enigma, a Shako and a Heart of the Oak is like loosing three months...

I want to live forever. And die if I fail.


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It might just be a hiccup. Who knows, the necro might be alive now. But if he is truly dead, then....damn!!
The most likely seems to be that he was hacked.

Unfortunate at best.

Im really sorry to hear that, but since for him 3 months = an Enigma + Heart of the Oak + 2 SoJs, I wouldn't complain at all.


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either 1. bad lag was character invisible when he logged back on or in robes in chat screen or character screen
2. if hacked then his password is too easy to obtain in the first place, doubt someone seeing your friends gear and decides he will just hack the account and take it i highly doubt it.
3. he didnt dload any 3rd party hacks by chance and using the other ideas as an excuse or to embarrassed to say.

ive played hc ever nice d2 been out and ive never seen town kill or heard of it.
im going with theory 1 lag


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Additional precisions

Well, if he died because of a lag, what the f!%&$ could have killed him in nightmare, in less than 15 seconds, with max resists, max block, 800 bone armor and lots of DR% ????

Regarding knowing his password, it's impossible. Only three of us knew his password, and it was really, really complicated - he often mispells it when typing. And on the computer he plays, he never downloaded any third party programme (apart microsoft windows 2000 -.- )

Still, I think that there are ways to hack accounts. Two years ago, I found one of my softcore characters (among three or four on my account) almost naked. Only high end items were missing (Tal rasha armour, Ali baba/IST/IST, and so on). I never, never knew what really happened. That character was lvl 99, my best guess is that it may have been spotted on the ladder or by maphack, and then hacked by a mean that I never heard about. The only third party programme I downloaded by then was maphack - which I do not use anymore, btw -, and if that was the way my account was hacked, I can't understand why the even better stuff my other characters wore had not disappeared...

So if he really has been hacked, the guys behind that will be at their ease as long as the community do not notice them ...


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Still, I think that there are ways to hack accounts.
There are definately ways to hack accounts, all you have to be is a complete loser with too much time on your hands, and ive seen it done before. Sorry about your friend, that really sucks.