Aldurs vs. uni gear


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Aldurs vs. uni gear

hi, im making a wind druid and was woundering which i should use.

Right now im using aldur armor and boots with earthshaker and ravenlore

should i keep this for the plus to skills or use full aldur set for plus to stats and other bonuses?


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Im must say, Aldurs set is probably the worst of all the class-specific sets...I say skip it in favor of better uniques...


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Its not a horrible set. Its merely underpowered.

Which may seem confusing but in essence it translates to the set telling you how to play vs using the set to play how you want to.

Meaning anyone can use a TAL's set for anything. Anyone can use a IK set for anything. But for aldur's you start your cahracter with the end-game knowledge of using aldurs.

Aldurs lacks offensive power and has avg firepower. +4 skills only. It however does contain alot of stat bonuses and resist which is very importatnt. All in all if you didnt build with the idea of making your cahracter revolve around Aldur's, Uniques might be better becuase you can change items around without the fear of losing set bonusses.


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plain and simple there are only 3 things to do with adlurs

1. Plan from the start a character COMPLTETLY around it
2. Put on a character that gear dosn't really matter (fire elementalist)
3. Sell it


I would say that you should get uniq itemz over aldur's cuz aldur's is more like for werewolf druid what wif all the ias. I suggest u get +skillz uniqs instead :thumbsup:


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The problem for a windy using aldurs is the weapon. Aldurs weapon is not really much help and the best I have come up with is putting io's in the sockets for 30 extra vita. That aside you will lack fast cast for tornado so a lidless wall and rare casting rings and a casting belt or gloves will be essential.

As you have seen from the responses so far the answer is clearly uniques own aldurs for performance. However this is a game. If it is more fun playing in something that looks cool to you then do so. I have a lot of fun with my aldurs windy and although there are many ways to improve his killing power none of them allow my character to have a deer on his head and glow!



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finish up the set and dis the earthshaker. B/c full set bonouses give you +3 skills anywas so you wont be losing skills but you will be gaining other stats as well.