Aldur's Set


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Aldur's Set

Hi, i was wondering what kind of druid build be good with full Aldur's set? Something that can kill in HC hell. oh also, what should i socket helm and weapon with?

Thx in advance!


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Personally, I think Aldur's is perfect for a meleementalist
20 Oak Sage
20 Armageddon
20 Volcano
20 Fissure
1 Moulten Boulder
20 Firestorm
1 prereqs for a total of 106 skill points

Fissure should be fully synergized and the fire side of Volcano should be fully synergized as well. For bosses, just stick a volcano under them. For crowds... lay down a fissure, Throw a twister charge in behind it with Geddon running and start swinging. I'd experiment with Amns and Shaels in the jagged star.

Another option is

20 Lycanthropy
1 Hunger & pre reqs
20 Armageddon
20 Volcano
20 Firestorm
19 Moulten Boulder
1 Fissure

The object here is maxing Armageddon damage and using Hunger on a wearbear to keep you alive. If I did my math right with the set damage bonus you get 106 health per bite on a 6 frame attack (assuming 3 shaels in the jagged star) with the Wearbear while your Armageddon does 4648-5491 damage. Armageddon will only last 12 seconds with this build though so you'll have to recast it periodically.


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My fire elementalist (no melee) is using

Aldur's Helm w/ 2 prubies
Aldur's Armor w/ 5/5 fire lvl facet
Aldur's Weapon w/ 27 pr jewel//28 fr jewel//4/4 die fire facet
Aldur's Boot
Nature's Peace
+3 ele skills 12 replensih life ammy
Storm w/ pdiamond

6 k geddon (rough)
maxed resist


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thats probably one of the best builds for it since fire skills are all timered so extra fcr wont help to much.


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1 more thing good about the aldur's set for fire elementalist is that you have 6 sockets on your weapon,helm and armor(socket quest).
real good for socketing fire facets