Aldur's Set build?


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Aldur's Set build?

What is the standard accepted build for using the full aldur's set? Is there one even? Or is it just kind of worthless? does it help some Druid builds more than others?

I have 3 of the four pieces right now (not the armor) and am using the mace and the boots until I am strong/old enough to use the IK maul. The Helm I have but am instead using Jalal's.

My question is, Is it worth me trying to find/trade the Aldur's Deception armor for my current druid (a WW druid, by the way, softcore) for the full set bonus? Or should I use what I have (or what better I find) in Jamal's, IK maul, lionheart armor?

Also, is there a build that I can hand down the full aldur's set to that is fun enough to go through the hassle of finding it?

Aldur's full set. Usefulness? Thanks in advance for the help. I'm a newb when it comes to druids.

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Hi and weclome.

Individual Unique, Runeword, rare combinations of equipment will outstripp the benefits of the entire set by far. The problem is the weapon and helmet. Both items are easily surpassed by other versions. And since 1.10 is all about dmg, the weapon can be frsutrating. Of course if you dont mind a "fun" build go ahead. But if you want to kill kill have fun and kill more then....


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there are four things that should be top priority on a weapon for a 1.10 melee character:

1. Damage
2. Damage
3. Damage
4. Damage

Aldur's mace, while great twinking item for late normal and nightmare, lacks all four of these properties that a weapon needs to be useful in hell.


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poo... can set items be upgraded? i'm too lazy to look it up, but my instincts tell me "no" :(
for a werewolf... i'd say the top 4 priorities in 1.10 are about the same as in 09, just in a different order

1. Damage
2. Damage
3. Speed
4. Speed


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um, anyone try a rabies build with this, with all the items socketed with poison facets?

perhaps something to test in single player

after all the whole set does give you
+3 To Druid Skills
+1 To Shape Shifting Skills (Druid Only)
150% Bonus To Attack Rating
(5 sockets)
(1 socket if you use socket quest on armor)