Alcohol-flavored biscuits... OUTRAGE!!


They should up the alcohol content so parents could give them to their kids to make them pass out and have some peace and quiet for once.


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For those of us in the states who need a quick primer on the wacky English language:

Biscuit = cookie
Torch = flashlight
Lift = elevator
Crisp = potato chip
Chip = French fries
Queue = line
Cheque = check
Rubber = eraser

Sometimes I think we invaded the wrong country :D


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You forgot my favorite, aluminium = aluminum

It's fun to tease them about that one because they inevitably come back with "Well, it's an element and elements should end in 'ium'!" You can come right back with "Oxygenium, carbonium, goldium, hydrogenium, tinium, tungstenium,..."

But I digress.

I think the relevant quote from this article is
"You would need to consume your body weight of biscuits every hour to reach a blood-alcohol content of .05."
Even if you were a negligent parent and thought Kahlua-flavored cookies would be a good idea for junior, you'd be doing no harm (or at least no more harm than you'd get from Children's NyQuil).


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Bakers use alcohol in baked goods all the time (my mother is a baker, if you need a reliable source.) If people up the dosage or add an artificial taste to it, it's still not dangerous enough to get anal about. Though the thought of drunken toddlers does tickle me in ways only my dog does when trying to wake me up.


i imagine the devious second stage of this plan is to start selling biscuit flavoured alcohol once all the kids growing up on this biscuit turn 15.

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For those of you who don't know what a Tim Tam is, I pity you.

And now they're making them with 0.1% alcohol in them! This must surely be the best thing since sliced bread.