Airport Security / Anti Terrorism


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Airport Security / Anti Terrorism

Hi All,

Recently the company I work for sent me from Denmark to India to give some training.

The first leg of my journey was from Copenhagen, Denmark to Heathrow, London. I went through a 'normal' security at Copenhagen Airport. Upon arrival in London, we all had to go through a 2nd security check, where all lighters, and containers holding liquids (including hand creams, toothapaste,etc) were removed. Baby food was permitted to be carried, as long as Mum, Dad or the baby, ate some of it in front of a security officer. It appears this 2nd check only applies for the UK and USA.

A number of people missed there connecting flights, due to this 2nd check. Talk about some very irate travellors. Texans sure don't have a problem making their feeling known.

Upon arrival in Chennai, India I took a taxi to my hotel, a 5 star Marriot one. As we drove up to the entrance, the taxi was stopped about 5 metres from the front door, and an Indian with a mirror on a stick checked under the car for explosives. He also checked the boot, but not the inside of the cab. We then drove to the front door, I got out and had to go through a metal detector at the front door. Beep, beep, beep went the machine thanks to my belt buckle / metal things in hand luggage ... but no worries, I was waved through with a smile.

Since then, whenever I return to my hotel, I go through this metal detector and 80% of the time I set it off, and every single time, some Indian doorman smiles at me and waves me on into the hotel.

Last night I had dinner at the Sheraton Hotel and noticed they had no metal detector at the door, or an Indian with a mirror on a stick.

Things have changed quite abit since I last traveled less that 2 years ago.

Anyone else experienced anything simular ?



When I was on malta in 2000 I had picked up 8 functional buckshot. I went through the metal detector with them in my pocket. It didnt even react to them.

I miss the good old days.


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[opinion] It's all for show, and has been proven to be completely ineffective, but it's good to keep people scared. [/opinion]

I've travelled a lot (actually bought a plane ticket to taiwan as the WTC was burning) and have noticed the increase in security - mainly in the US. I was forced to take my sandals off, and walk across the same mat that everyone walks on. I asked the guard if he minded that I had open sores and warts on my feet - whether I would pass them on, or catch something from someone. He shrugged. Apparently my flip-flops could have contained something explosive, other than odour. (I didn't have the aforementioned afflictions - just wanted to see a reaction).

The mirrors under cars is an absolute joke, imo. How many car bombs have we seen in the last 20 years? (If you live in Iraq or Ireland, that may be skewed).

There have been so many test runs by security staff that have just breezed through with bomb materials etc...don't forget - these guards are paid minimum wage, and are miserable a lot of the time...all this 'security' is addressing the symptom, not creating a cure.

It's all a joke...


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alexzed said:
The mirrors under cars is an absolute joke, imo. How many car bombs have we seen in the last 20 years? (If you live in Iraq or Ireland, that may be skewed).
Well there were those mailbox bombs that the FLQ had during the sixties.

<_< ... >_>

*puts a mirror on the mailbox at the corner*