Ahhh... at last


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Ahhh... at last

My brother and I started working a mavina strafe/ice zon, and a griswold smiter, about 2 months ago. These are our primary ladder characters (although we've played others up a little bit). We just ran tristram for the first time (so the ladder resets tomorrow, wanted to get it in before the reset since we'll both start the new season fresh). The ubers dropped crud (druid, 15 stats 11 resists), but it was very satisfying to defeat the ubers with less then ideal setups for them. The mavina setup in particular really was not very good in tristram. The gris zmiter worked quite well, though having time to socket the last three holes with great items would have been very helpful, particularly against mephisto.

Having never been in tristram before, neither of us was particularly prepared for the onslaught, and the first thing that happened was getting both baal and diablo jumping on us, so after we died and re-assessed, we managed to take out mephisto (with the zon biting it a few times). After meph was dead, it was pretty easy. Baal's teleport is a pain in the neck for the smiter, but that was about it.

Lotta fun, good challenge, too bad the reset happens tomorrow and these characters won't go back.

Our first pair on ladder that will attempt the ubers is probably another smiter (though NOT in gris gear) and a frenzy barb.

BTW... mercs? Useless in tristram. lol
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