Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive


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Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive

There is un unheralded fact about sorcs that I really want to bring to people's attention. Sorcs start off with incredibly bad FASTER HIT RECOVERY.

Here is the table:


Pay attention to the top figure. With no fhr equipment, it takes 6/10 of a second for the game to display your hit recovery animation. A barbarian for comparison's sake, starts out with a 9 frame hit recovery. During that time you are helpless, and can be hit again. In my experiance this is the biggest cause of sorc deaths because it prevents you from teleporting away to safety.

It isn't just relevant to melee either. How many people out there have run into a pack of black souls and watched as their character stood helpless in hit recovery while being blasted over and over till they died? Blocking won't save save you from elemental attacks!

Another very important thing to note from the table is that with a mere 20% faster hit recovery you reach an 11 frame animation. This is a huge improvement. That is why my mf sorc wears what is probably the only shako on all of battle net that is socketed with a shael rune. Sure I lose 24% mf, but the compromise is worth it (I have over 500% anyway :) )There are a number of other ways to achieve acceptable fhr of course and I'm not going to detail them here.

Another thing I would like to point out is that with a 1 point investment in frozen armor (the level 1 one) and decent + to cold skill gear, any monster that hits you in melee will stay frozen long enough that you (with your new and improved hit recovery) will have a chance to regain your senses and get your a$$ the hell out of melee. The defence bonus on this skill is lower than the other c armors, but as a sorc, your base defence will be low so it really won't make a big difference anyways.

For those people who find themselves teleporting through, oh, lets say the Durance of Hate for some reason, you WILL end up in the middle of a pack of monsters. This little tidbit will likely allow you to just keep porting to meph without the inconvenience of dying.


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Good info here.
Ah damn, i just asked for this info in the "DOOM runeword" thread above hehe, it may justify using Shael Harlequin, Shael vipermagi and Sanctuary then t_t


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