After being gone away for a year, I have learned...... ifr


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After being gone away for a year, I have learned......

Well, I have been playing this game since it all started, as a matter of fact I was a bata tester for the orginal Diablo back in late 1996. I recall my wife screaming at me to get off the computer while she was contracting with our first child.....nevermind, that's another story.

Anyway, I recently redeployed back from Iraq and decided I'd blow the dust off my Diablo cd's and here is what I have learned in those 2 weeks.

1. TPPK SUX. I have not been the victim of this crime but I have seen it happen 2 times and man, that has got to be the worst way to go. Both times it happened I was in a group that was fighting Baal's minions. Leason learned? Stay out of public games or at least stay away from anyone's TP.

2. My first char I made was a LF Zon. I meet up early with a another player and we did Co-Op for about 7 nights straight when it happened. I was an act ahead of him so I agreed to rush him from Act 2 NM to Act 3. We were in the Trav and my Zon (Lev54) with about 600+Life dies when one of the council members poped on death. We each had loot on so I wasn't to upset. Until...... he never showed up to give me back my gear and I havn't seen him on since. Lesson learned? People still suck.

3. If I see another BOT add for buying gear from a website I'm gonna shot myself. Lesson learned? The prices sure have come down from a year ago!!!

4. Where are all the players in NM level? Even during peak playing hours there is hardly ever any open games in NM anymore. Lesson learned? The game is dieing a slow death or everyone is so scared to play pub games there all gaining little to no exp playing solo private games.

5. Today I decided I would venture back to Normal level and play till I at least leveled up to 54. I decided I would do the nice thing and lead lower level folks on Baal runs. HAHAHAHA, Everyone acused me of being a PK the second I joined a Baal game or created a Baal game. After about 8 Baal runs I finaly had a full game of folks. Leason learned? Everyone thinks everyone is a PK.

Well, I guess that about sums it up for my last 2 weeks of HC playing. I'm at lev 54 again, slugging through Act2 NM like a snall in a marathon. If anyone wants to Co-Op give me a buzz, I'm an idiot in that I can't stand to play alone so I'll proubly meet a grizly death once again sometime soon.

HC Europe *ArmyBaller



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I learned the harder way. I never got a chance to see anyone get tppked before I did. I got killed once, and assumed that it was unusual. Then I got killed again the next day, and realized something was up. :\

Most people on this forum play on USEast on op xbananax. I'm not sure though, there may be a significant amount of other people who play on other realms.


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I will be around definitely Thursday - Mayhap tonight and I have a couple chars in nm that need some attention.

See you online - and about the nm thing - the ladder has been around so long that almost everyone must have chars playing in hell - I mean thats where the best stuff is too.

I think I'm kind of weird for still "playing" through nm but I still do!


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So I got d2 working again ....

I've learned.

1) less low level pk's. What the hell?
2) pkers are even more origional in both their account and character names. Can still sopt them a mile away
3) You can still insult others and feel good about it - because they are complete and utter morons and ashats as they were 2 years ago when you left

Leason learned...
..... oh wait, still the same thing.


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2) pkers are even more origional in both their account and character names. Can still sopt them a mile away
Yeah, I still chuckle at the level 90 IcePeeKay(*LolPK) sorceress teleporting to the throne and tping, expecting people to come down and be victims. To my suprise, people do. -.-




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So I got d2 working again ....
1) less low level pk's. What the hell?
Pking is harder now as more and more people have reverted back to chicken hacks or leaving game instantly. Also a lot of pkers that are around are lame pos, using lvl 24's to pk act 2 games. Also I tend to off a lot of them when I lurk in pvm games with a dueler/pker so I get some ears that way. HC lld is still crap, make a game wait 15 minutes of anyone to join, usually game fills quite nicely with 1-2 9+'s that won't duel and a bunch of low lvls, or 'duelers' that won't duel ya, only weak pvm people.



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Hey, SonOfRah, don't you play GW? I thought I saw you on the GWonline forums. Anyway, that's neither here nor there, but I am playing GW "hardcore," going for the 1,337,500 survivor thingy.

But yeah, duh the game is slowly dying. The more-serious gamers left for World of Warcraft, EQII, or Vanguard (coming soon!); the less-serious gamers left for Guild Wars or one of the other Diablo Clones like Dungeon Siege. The gameplay in DII is great, but the graphics are dated, and that's sadly enough to sink most games.

Not only are people who play afraid to join public games for fear of dying and losing everything, people who don't play are afraid to get into the game and "waste" thousands of hours which could have been "wasted" playing games that their friends play already.


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What makes me nervous is when you jump in an open game with a non-hacked character just to play and make some new friends and you see all these MAJORLY HACKED guys running around with like 9 auras and strange flashy graphics, and 4-5 guys go hostile on you instantly (while you are standing next to the stash) and then they all wonder why you leave instantly.

I just wanna play Diablo, man. No PK, no hacks, no scams. Where can I go and just play with cool people?


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evolution is your answer.

While i agree and understand the authors points to "its a killer out there".
this hcl arena has adapted to within its means and most active gamers play with a group/clan/community in private games and enjoy that avenue in lieu of open puplic games that seem to dwindle the farther you go in difficulity levels. sure the more at stake/risk, the less people that want to be risk takers.

a simple answer to all his points.
get in with a good group, and play privately.

I very much still enjoy d2, and only hcl excites me anymore, and thats true for many. but by staying in a protected inviroment is the only way to make trusted friends, pool your stuff, and have a complete RnR game source.

sorry to see your disapointment, if you get an opportunity a military man is allways welcome within Horde.
we have many, and our registry is global, so online game times work for just about everyone.

good luck
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