Advise on Pally


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Advise on Pally

I am torn between the following set ups for my pally:

1) guill. helm, gore riders, grief and exile.

2) Dream helm+sheid, drac gloves, gore riders grief/cresent moon with high level conviction for -150 to resist.

#1 Has 50% crush blow, frequent life tap and tons of physical damage.

#2 Has 15% crush blow, less frequent life tap with tons of elemental damage (~10k per hit).

What do you think ?

sir goatscelot

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I think that you should use both ;) Seriously really depends on certain factors such what area of the game you are currently playing in..tristram the 1st rig..2nd might be more useful in party play and iron maiden areas.. although you use Gimmers instead of Cm and chuck axes at the Ok's

Also the 2nd rig would be useful in areas with many PI's and Phys resistant fellows..Arcane Sanct comes to mind as there are no Light Immunes generally speaking.


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Rather than two different setups, IMO those are two completely different builds. You have one build where you have lots of elemental damage, and the other with almost none. And also, the elemental build requires completely different skills (Conviction, for example).

First, choose a type of pally that you want to make, and then decide on skills, THEN items from there. otherwise you won't have the optimal setup for your character.