Advice plz!


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Advice plz!


I,ve always dreamed of making a most powerful wolf druid and show all the people out there that druids are better than they might think. I have a lvl 84 druid at the moment, his skills are as follows

20 werewolf
20 lycantrophy
15-20 heart of the wolverine(not 100% sure)
20 fury
5 feral rage
3 dire wolves (for life boost on grizly)

His gear:

jalals mane(15% resist jewel in it)
Great Hauberk Chanins of honor
Carrion wind ring
Raven frost
eye of the etlich
Ik boots )
Ik belt
Ik gloves first i was using this setup until i got a new weapon
Ik maul (shael,15%ias16ed )
Etheral cruel balrog blade of quickness(300%ed(zod,cham) I know thisis probably a dupe and i usually dont support this kinda stuf but i got it for really cheap

I was wondering if i should keep using the ik set up or use the cbbq and switch my blet gloves and boots since i wont be using the maul the bonuses may not be worth it. Any suggestions? Draculs,souldrainers,verdungo,wartravs, sandstorms..? I have no idea, i just want to make this build better...



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First off is the pvp or pvm ???

basic things i would change from a glance

use high lords ammy
The rest will work fine .... there's better gear out there to be had but if pvm you wont really need it ... and if pvp you probably want a sheild.

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well in 1.09 ppl understimated druids, but with 1.10, everyone knows that druids are very powerful now.

with that said, if you want to make THE MOST POWERFUL druid, then there is a lot of things that you would need to change, this would also depend if this pvm or pvp. it makes a huge difference as Voice pointed out one thing, you would need a shield. depending if this pvm or pvp, theres also the factor of attack speed and range. The maul would have a range of 2 and the bb, of 3. You would want range 5 for pvp. A powerful 2 handed weapon, if not, the most powerful would be an ethereal perfect botd great poleaxe. etc. etc.

if you can be more precise, i am sure others can help out a great deal.


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well, he at some point i was wishing to make him a good d clone fighter... I thought in wereform druids couldnt block anyways.. am i not right?


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Your wrong .... werewolfs can block with a shield. As for a good dclone killer that isnt hard .. get high ds and high cb and high resist, put a nice 2 hander on him and he will take down dclone in a couple of min. or so. Mine takes can probably take him down in about 1-2 minutes flat solo.

All you really have to do for dclone is have mods above w/ prevent monster heal mod on somewhere. and charge feral and go to town w/ fury ...Also speed is very important im not sure which is faster out of the 2 weapons you mentioned but i believe it would be the IK maul. Fury druids are kind of like zeal pallys you want to hit the fastest speed so you can leech all your health back at a very fast rate so speed is cruicial.


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Yeah Druids definitely block while shifted, you just don't hear a sound. When their arms kind of lift up in front of their face it means they're blocking.

That Balrog Blade is probably pretty slow... Am I right? Like 6 or 7 frame Fury, off the top of my head. IK Maul would be far superior, with its speed and +% dmg to demons and undead. You might as well sell the Balrog Blade and get some better charms or something :)

Good luck!

~Kazama Fury~

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if this is a dclone killer, i would just settle with IK maul, i honestly dont see why you would need "the most" powerful char for that. Dclone is highly overrated. Given, Dclone is a pain in a 8 player game. However, in a 1 player game, all you need to do is equip ANYTHING with prevent monster heal, attack him once with it, make sure it hits him. During the rest of the battle, he will no longer be regenerating life. Ik maul has crushing blow and +%ed to demons, which is awesome. So, you have nice damage, crushing blow and a very fast attack speed = bai dclone. More damage + fast speed = more leech back damage. Yeah, so make sure you have atleast some life leech somewhere. Best helm i think for a dclone werewolf killer would be Cerebus's bite. Very nice ar bonus, life leech AND open wounds. That can make DC pee in his pants.
If you want to be the best wolf get a rare
Cruel Grandmaster's Mechanics Giant Thresher of Quickness Self-Repair Amplify Damage, and then socket it with shaels.