advice plz on an IK barb


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advice plz on an IK barb

ok, i finally completed my IK set about a week ago, and i thought for a change i will make another char (i only have 2 chars that have beaten hell in 1.10, that i use for MF now, and that's a blizz sorc and a hammerdin, i chose them coz i knew full well how cheesy (as my friend puts it) they were)

his name is ikww (...yes my blizz sorc is called blizzard and hammerdin is...hammerdin... :p)

he is going to be (ok, he is lv60 now in nm act3, so he is) a WW barb
i already have a 2 shael maul waiting for me

the question i have is, do i need to add any points into dex? my gear in the end would like to be, other than the IK set, a raven frost (231 to AR, 20 to dex and for the cbf, coz i dun think IK set provides that), a wisp projector and highlord's wrath (both of these things i don't have yet, buy anyway...) would that be enough AR to last me through the game? or will i be WWing, then zero life (coz 10% leech isn't enough) with death waiting for me when i stop, no matter what AR i have because i have chosen a melee char

because i haven't decided on my final stats, i still haven't added any points into vit, which is killing me (literally). i was thinking if i will have enough AR, then str will be 232 (armour) - 25 (from belt) - 20 (from gloves) = 187, because the amulet+rings i have chosen above dont' give me any strength, and then pump the rest into vit

also, what skills other than WW and BO and mace mastery should i get? so what's that, 40 or so skill points (being realistic) to use?

this char's aim is to:

-beat the game in hell
-glow in the dark

so i'm not going to MF with him, coz i already have 2 chars that do it more efficiently, therefore no item find i think will be necessary

resists i will try to cover with charms, if i can, otherwise perhaps points in there?

other than that, perhaps a secondary attack for bosses? max zerk and shout?
shout will help while i WW (i hope), since i don't have a shield, and is also a synergy for zerk so...

i just thought war cry won't be necessary coz i'm using a holy freeze merc and i plan on giving him a reaper's, which will slow the nmes right down anyway?

oh also, what to socket into the helm

god, i write too much, oh well, just trying to not miss anything so u guys can advise me better

thanx :)


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Go with base dex. Take the Angelic Ring/Ammy combo. It hads loads of AR. Unless of course you have 2 Raven and 1 Metal Grid. But the Angelic stuff is easier to get. Max Shout as a forth skills. It will increase Berserk's damage in the end to a pretty high amount of % (around 500 I believe) which is more than enough for PIs. BO will increase Concentrate damage too. Put ED jewels in the helmet if you have some. PTopaz are always nice, but since you don't plan on MFing with him. Maybe PRubies for even more life I don't know. And also, didn't saw this detail. The 10% dual leech from the glove are enough. You can WW without losing mana at all and your life will constantly be high. Your resists will be at 75 with the full set + Battle Command.

I think that's about it right? :lol:


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ah, cool, thanks very much Ti-Ben!

didn't know angelic ring/ammy combo adds so much AR, i just had them sitting there in the grail collecting dust, heh. with max resist, i don't think i will need to worry about the amulet/ring i said above, come to think of it, other than the deadly strike, it isn't that good anyway?

i chose a WW barb because i wanted to be barbaric, not some war cry to stun then frenzy/conc or something wussy (sorry :p) like that. i am only playing softcore anyway so...


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You would want concentrate for a second skill against single monsters. In my opnion Highlord wrath's Deadly strike is pretty nice to make it one of the most sought after ammy around here. But angelic ammy and ring can solve your AR problems.
Just aim to have a 90%+ Chance to hit, but put ZERO points in Dex, trust me it is a waste. Angelic Ring and Ammy will help, aswell as a Blessed Aim merc if need be.

Also thought I would mention, I wouldn't consider a Blizzard Sorc to be cheesy. Fireball sorc or **cough** Vegasorc **cough** is cheesy IMO, but Blizzard takes skill to use well.



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I'm currently still working on my IK barb, and I'm havin a blast so far. At LvL 86, the skills i've used are as follows:

20 mm
20 Battle Orders
20 Whirly
20 Shout
3 Natural resist
1 battle command
6 beserk so far

I'm putting all my extra points in beserk as that helps alot vs. phys resistant types and Phys Immunes as needed. the bonuses on this set are incredible, you really don't need any more points in beserk than 1 because of all the elemental dmg the set gives. I just pump it for the extra dmg. I really don't have alot of trouble with AR since WW is quite fast and hits alot.

I dont use any of the ammys/rings you listed. I use carriond wind/dual leech ring/dual leech ammy (thank you Anya) and i do great. The only things that really scare me are mana burn and IM, but zerk takes care of IM. As far as dex goes, I left that at base,as mentioned above, is the way to go. That leaves more points for str and vit. I have 225 str and 265 vit. With BO and 2 +3 warcry waepond on switch, I have nearly 4k life. Have fun and GL with a very enjoyable build!