Advice on 6OS weapon for mid-level Zealot


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Advice on 6OS weapon for mid-level Zealot

I'm not wealthy, but have a nice weapon waiting for my Zealot/Fanatic at clvl65. Until then, I need something that'll carry me through from clvl40-clvl65

I have a 6OS Dimensional Blade; I was planning on putting a Shael and 5 Orts in it for some IAS and 5-250 lightning damage. Is there something better I can do with this weapon? None of the 6-rune runewords are available for a level 40 character, and are out of my price range. Is there any way to upgrade it to a Phase Blade before I put anything in it?

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You can't upgrade it, and you won't kill much of anything in Nightmare doing only 1-250 lightning damage with very low physical damage. I would recommend trading for one of the following, all of which are extremely common and dirt cheap:

Bloodletter unique Gladius (good for lower levels)
Ginther's Rift unique Dimensional Blade
Headstriker unique Battle Sword (very good, can even be used as an end game weapon when upgraded)
Butcher's Pupil unique Cleaver (personal favorite)
Earthshaker unique Battle Hammer
Aldur's Rhythm set Jagged Star (usually comes with three sockets!)

If you can't get your hands on any of those, there are always runewords:

- Find yourself a white Knout and give it to Larzuk for 5 sockets (or just find yourself a 5os Knout) and toss "Amn El Ith Tir Sol" in it.
- Find yourself a white Jagged Star and give it to Larzuk for 3 sockets (or find yourself a 3os Jagged Star) and toss "Thul Io Nef" in it.