Advice for untwinked hell :P


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Advice for untwinked hell :p

Heya.. Me and my friend has just returned to D2 HC after a time off..

Comes here and finds GAT is still active and 1.10 is out and all :p

Well so we thought we´d get ourselves to HELL and back, with a two man team.. so the thoughts are:

Summon necro --Based of Nightfishes guide..
Druid Whirlwind.. both with ACT 2 Nm mercs for Auras.

Now, what we are wondering.. Should the druid go for Wolvie or Oak sage??
what would help us and the skellies get through hell more?

Also since we just started we run Untwinked, wich is more fun anyway. :thumbsup:
But any tips on low priced good runewords and such that are available nowadays?? Necro is not so item dependant perhaps, but druid might?

Psst, Hello OObubble!! Long time no see! :wave:


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Hi 6pac,

I play in an untwinked team who ventured into Hell recently. I very much appreciated having a Druid with Oak and Barb with BO. Both of these trippled the life of party members making Hell a lot safer for us all.

In 1.10 Hardcore everyone will tell you that Vitality should be pumped for just about every build. If you can get Oak and BO ... then do so as these will often be a life saver.

Skellemancer really rock in 1.10. Skeleton with maxed Skeleton Mastery are really tought, even in Hell.

Might Mercs are great for increasing the damage the skeletons dish out.
Holy Freeze Mercs are great for freezing (slowing down in more accurate) monsters.

Just a few little pointers I learnt from exerience.

Regards Syxx / KTA-Minx


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You ask for runewords, well don't overlook the old 1.09 ones that are still useful. Lore helms (ORT-SOL), Stealth Armour (TAL-ETH) both very useful for the levels you can use them. Once you get to hell, and resistance becomes priority, Smoke (NEF-LUM), Lionheart (HEL-LUM-FAL?) are both exceedingly useful, as is the new Gloom (can't remember it).

For a necro, well, I've just managed to get the runes for a beast weapon, and it rocks on a summoner. Built in Fanatacism really makes the skele's rock.....

Other than that, craft amulets, collect the best class specific items you can, wands, necro heads, druid helms etc.... and don't forget you can still make runewords in these items much as you would for a normal helm/shield.

Good luck with it.


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ConnerMacleod said:
Might I suggest a Belt only? Now THAT is untwinked.
No.. that is NUDE!

I tried walking into the bar in act two with my necro only wearing a belt.. twas not popular. :surprise:

But really.. starting out like this, with naught but your startingstaff is really fun.. you almost jump for joy when a yellow ring drops out in the moors :drool:


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6pac said:
No.. that is NUDE!

I tried walking into the bar in act two with my necro only wearing a belt.. twas not popular. :surprise:
If it was your zon, I'da been much happier, but even then people would wonder what kinda join Atma's has turned in to..... :clap:


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edit: joint... not join

can i no longer edit my own posts? i thought there used to be an edit button, but it seemed to disappear... i'm confused

edit to the edit: ok, so the edit button reappeared on this post... i guess it's timered now?


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The key to untwinked is KISS (keep it simple stupid) there are many ways to get mana, resists, extra life and those that use the tools the game gives you do fine.