Advice for my Sorc


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Advice for my Sorc

I recently made a Meteorb Sorc, but then it turned out I couldn't hit anything with Meteor unless it was standing still. So I didn't put any points into it (beyond the 1pt and 5pts in Reqs). Now I'm level 47 with 8 saved skill points, slvl18 Orb, slvl13 Cold Mastery (too much?), and 6 wasted(?) skill points in the Fire Tree.

What's the best way to salvage this character? She's mostly for MF'ing in solo games. Is there another skill that would be effective, given my reduced skill points? Chain Lightning maybe? Or should I stick with Meteor and try to figure out how to hit with it?

Also, what are good items to use my Imbue(s) on? Some sort of weapon I could trade if I got lucky? Which weapon types do people look for?



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If you wanna make a new mf char with her now I would try meph. and max orb/mastery/ice bolt.
If you want to keep her I would do fireball or practice doing meteor. with fireball you would max metor anyway. the build I would try to salvage this char with would be 20 meteor, 20 fireball, 20 orb, 20 cold mastery, rest into ice bolt this would give you good dmg orb and low meteor dmg. If you like meteor more put the points into fire bolt.
For items the best would probably be shard, for rings and amulets whatever will give you 70 fcr. if you cant get fcr rings use magefist and whatever rings you cant find. 3 pdiamond shields are good for starting.


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If you want to salvage the character the best bet would make it a meteorb sorc, but you need to max fireball, meteor, and firemastery then depending on the remaining skill points either into fire bolt or cold synergies. I think you have put to many points into Cold mastery but you can make it work. You use Fire ball on andy. Use the moat trick to trap mephisto and he doesn't move so you can hit him with meteor's. The orb will be used to lvl and take out any fire immune monsters that are in your way.


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lol. I c all these d2c noobs from xpac make meteorb sorcs and expect it to be a good killer. The fact is that meteorb needs a merc to tank while you wait for meteor to hit, which isnt happening in classic.

If ive said it once ive said it a thousand times.

Blizz-fball > Meteorb or orb-fireball by a mile in d2c. There is really no other hybrid sorc i could suggest for classic.

There is an excellent guide in the sorceress forum. Miladys-Knight wrote it up and its great. I first made a blizzballer when ladder 2 came out but my acc got deleted so i moved into classic. I tried it out there about 1/2 a year later and to my suprise, it killed almost as fast as a pure fire or blizzsorc, only it could kill everyone (except for dual immunes but its better than not being able to handle single immunes ~~)

Basically max firebolt, fireball, max blizz and glacial spike. 1 point cold mastery and fire mastery. The rest of the pnts go to fire mastery or meteor to improve fballs damage, or to cold mastery to make ur blizz stronger. I suggest a mix of both.

A cheap(ish) effectiive blizzballer setup is

2X sojs
+2 pris sorc ammy
perfect ward or 3 pdiamond shield
rare boots with fhr and fire and lightning resist for stack if u get lower resisted///convictioned in the cs.

this effective setup gives u 75 resist all in hell, 70 fcr, +1 fire skills, +5 all skills, 10 fhr, and 50% dtm which is very helpful.

of course its not the best setup but the alternative would be godly rare armour and rare shield and rare belt. And all thatd help would give u better fhr and more life and blocking.. which is not crucial as you will rarely be in life threatening situations

The large amount of + skill is needed due to ur lack of synergies

fhr is not needed, on this build it seems. If you play like a sorc should play then u will rarely want fhr. Pvp is a diffirent story but this is a pvm sorc.

everyone should die before they reach you anyway. Hell cs im killing groups of venom lords and the such with 1-2 blizz for a pack, and glacial spike to freeze em.

cold immune oblivion knights can take 2-3 fireballs at 70 fcr

At clvl 85 my blizzballer boasted 900 ish life

1.9k blizz w/ -50 resists (very fast killing)
and 2.5k fball

max resists, 46% block, and 1.2k defense with forzen armour (meh, better than nothing)

She can solo hell cs. Ive taken down fi///ci infector with static and telekenises... when i rele want to.

BEST pvm hybrid sorc to my knowlege. Prove me wrong i stick beside this build with the knowlege it cant be bested.

I realise than orb fball can do more damage per second in some cases but you have to be close to attack with orb and it is much less versatile. ANd only in rare occasions. Also glacial spike owns.




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fredsta54 said:
At clvl 85 my blizzballer boasted 900 ish life
dude thats not a lot.
A blizz sorc of mine that has 80 base str and 51 base dex has more life than that. If you get more than 1.3k life on a sorc you can boast. Or more than 1.1k life and 1k mana.


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ethos said:
dude thats not a lot.
A blizz sorc of mine that has 80 base str and 51 base dex has more life than that. If you get more than 1.3k life on a sorc you can boast. Or more than 1.1k life and 1k mana.
yeah its not a lot, its using the "cheap" setup so i have 70 base strength ~~

if i used godly rares i could easily hit over 1.3k

im assuming your sorc with those base stats has + life gear

I have found though... that since i never really go below 200 life, theres no need for more. For Pvm theirs a comfort zone and then anything more is just a luxury.