Advice for my MF fury zon ...maxed FURY, now what?


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Advice for my MF fury zon ...maxed FURY, now what?

So I started a javazon a couple days ago, I'm now at lvl74, starting hell difficulty. Here is the gear I am using (or intend to be using soon)...keep in mind this is an MF character:

P'topaz Harlequin Crest
rare +2 skills, dual leech, resist all ammy
duskshroud enigma
198% titans (maybe ill trade for some eth ones)
um'd stormshield
upgraded goldwrap
30% nagel ring
rare dual leech, resists ring with MF
50% war travs
40% chanceguards (or preferably crafted/rare jav gloves with IAS, leech & MF)

12/19/6 annihilus
+1 passives gc with +6 dex
(3x jav skill charms) <--still need to get these
resistance charms (to make up for rest of resists)

So far all my passive skills are all taken care of...with +10 to passives my valk is hitting lvl17, critical strike/pierce are hitting lvl16, and dodge/avoid/evade are at terms of Jav skills I have only maxed Lightning Fury (one point in all pre-reqs).

I have a lot of skill points saved up now (30, I think) question is.....for an MF character such as this what will serve me better: charged strike or plague javelin (with 10+ points in the poison jav synergy)?

I'm not terribly interested in going the hybrid route: using a bow on switch and getting strafe/freezing arrow, but perhaps this is the better option than CS or PJ?

My Javazon experience is severely lacking....thanks for any suggestions you all may have.


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You must have over invested in the passives.

My 92 Zon is very similar in equip to yours, (450 MF with charms etc), and has maxxed PJ with around 9 points in its synergy poison jav , as a secondary skill.

Does enough dam to take out the lightning immunes in Chaos Sanc in 2-3 javs. Go this route if you want to do solo Diablo runs as well as Act5 miniboss runs and pit runs.

You also need a boss killer. I use charged strike at around lvl 16.

If I ever rebuild I think i'd put 5 less points in poison jav and put them into charged strike.

You'll really only use PJ against the LI's in chaos sanc and it would be no big deal if it took 7-10 javs instead of 2-3 as the valk can easily tank them. Same goes for the pit.

That would allow for much faster boss killing with the extra points in charged strike.

Good luck.



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sir_bazz said:

You must have over invested in the passives.
Hey, thanks for the input....actually I'm pretty darned sure I haven't over invested in the passives....keep in mind i have +10 to passive skills, which translates to 7 points in valk (to hit lv17), TWO points each in evade/dodge (to hit lvl12), and 6 points each into Critical Strike and Pierce (which translates to lvl16 for both these skills). I perhaps could have skimped on Critical Strike and Pierce but I think I could spare the few extra points to hit lvl16 (a good goal to shoot for).

I'm also only level 74 and I have 30 or so skill points saved up...that means I'll have a total of 58 more skill points (16 more levels + 12 quest bonus points) to distribute by level 90 (a very attainable level).

So I'm definitely not low on skill points, I just need to decide where to put them.

Again, thanks for the input!


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Oh, and I'm mentioned your zon is outfitted similiar to are your resists in Hell? I think I'm going to have to use more than a few resist all charms to at least come close to maxing all resists.


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Ooops forgot to factor in your remaining level ups.

With rushing equip on I have max LR and FR and mid-high resists for others.
And thats Tals mask, thundergods and LoH.

Got a +14 prismatic GC and a mix of resist sc's and an decent resist 18 anni.

In full MF gear, (Shako, Goldwrap + Chancies) LR + FR drop to respectable mid 40's - 50's which is more than acceptable for an LF zon.

The big diff in our equip is shield. I prefer a gerkes sanctuary to SS and I get 49 resist all from mine (pdiamond) plus max block of 75%.

90 is very achievable doing just Pindle and/or Pit runs.

Any higher depends on how much time you want to spend doing Baal runs. :p

Have fun,



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I got a lvl 89 LF Zon on HCL which I currently use to MF. After 1.3k fairly uneventful Eldritch runs which took me from lvl 75 to ** I'm doing CS runs now. I was toying around with the idea of putting points into the poison skills, but instead opted to slap an Azurewrath onto my Act5 merc since the only LI in the CS are Undead monsters, which stand no chance against Sanctuary on my Folcwald.

Anyway, if you want to run bosses, you will want to invest 20 points in Charged Strike. Diablo goes down in maybe less than 30 seconds with Charged Strike (w Thunderstroke). I feel that is fast enough so I haven't invested in any Charged Strike synergies yet.

So far I have 20 LF, 20 CS, 20 Valk, 1 in prereqs and all passives. 23 points to distribute and I don't really know where I am going to put them, the passives probably.